Link love (and bonus bookish video)

Book hoarding 10th century style.

Show me the money or at least the course release.

Minimizing costs for last minute travel.

have you seen this website?

On not being good enough.  Another response here.

another reason not to dabble in real estate

did we link love this yet? I feel like maybe we did, but maybe not: stop telling women to smile

Paul Ryan, still a douchebagge

Merging bookshelves

Saw something said something

I agree with the last panel 

And finally, an adorable video called: The Girl Who Hated Books. Delightful!

9 Responses to “Link love (and bonus bookish video)”

  1. Bardiac Says:

    On the real estate thing: The poster made a 20% gain, though they don’t say how long they held the property (nor do they say if they were able to pay the mortgage through rent or not, or if they made a profit or loss on the property most years). (I looked through a couple of links, and they said they bought the one property in 2011. So a 20% gain in 3 years. Not stunningly great, but not horrible either, if they also got rent and such.)

    It seems to me awfully whiny to complain about having to pay capital gains on 157K. Or disingenuously braggy, if you know what I mean. Yes, the 20% is less impressive after tax, but so is my salary, and it’s not nearly that impressive before tax.

    People who whine about paying capital gains tax should stop.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      They’ve been making losses every year. It’s just that in their situation it would have made a lot more sense to put the money inthe stock market where they could have avoided all the work and hassle (some of that capital gain is really hours spent on property management) and then could have realized capital gains more slowly as needed rather than all at once. They are in the 15% bracket normally, so not actually high income, at least not with him working as a blogger and sahd.

      It was a bad investment and illustrates why regular people shouldn’t buy the landlord hype. It takes a special kind of person to do real estate. There are much easier ways to invest.

  2. 27 and a PhD Says:

    Thank you for the linky goodness!!!! You are awesome!

  3. Debbie M Says:

    Merging bookshelves? No, not with my current guy. I prefer to have a single layer (or maybe copies and lesser books by the same author or on the same subject in the back layer), even if it means getting rid of non-favorites. He has multiple layers, plus stacks books sideways so he can fit more in (because you can go all the way to the top) plus stuffs extra books in all the spaces. He also OFTEN can’t find the book he wants and re-buys it. No.

    We totally share our books with each other, though. We’re also librarians of our own books with each other, though of course they are also open stacks.

  4. ana Says:

    LOVED that video, thanks for sharing!!

  5. SP Says:

    Thanks for the link to me – and for all the awesome links from others, as usual!

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