Links to love, get excited

Esperanza Says tracking your spending can be eye-opening

TressieMC calls the white man’s police

Kid lit’s primary color is white: a report.

Diversity in YA needed a Tumbler.  Yay!

I love Zoolander!  Answering the question, “What happened to your body?”

There are t-shirts.

What if men were treated like women?

Think progress advertises how colleges treat rape reporting to prospective students (trigger).

We’re on Laura Vanderkam’s blog trawl, also smalltalk.

On privilege and luck or why success breeds success.

What’s your dream ben and jerry’s flavor?  (Me, i just want chocolate peppermint crunch back)

meh meh meh people are idiots

Breaking Cat News!

One Response to “Links to love, get excited”

  1. jlp Says:

    Love the description of Cahones, which appears to be a version of O’Nutters (or vice versa):

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