Whither Google?

Q:  who do you call cutie patootie

A.  You, snookie-ookums!

Q:  are some gifted kids stupid

A.  Some of everyone is stupid.  (For some definitions of stupid and gifted.)

Q: why you’ll miss your class in high school the most

A.  We don’t, though.

Q:  why doesnt my significant other intriduce me to people

A:  You’re probably best off asking hir!  If you’re not satisfied with hir answer (which should be something on the order of, “oh! I didn’t realize you wanted me to do that, I will totally be better about it in the future”), we give you our blessing to dump.

Q:  reading site that recommends books compared to others read but not amazon

A.  You absolutely want LibraryThing.com!  Take the tour.

Q:  how am i supposed to make everything perfect?

A:  The best way is to get to be the one who defines what perfect is.

Q:  if a woman says my partner it usually refers to what sex

A:  It is unlikely to be >99% one gender and <1% another gender, so probably you should just not make any assumptions on gender/sex.

Q:  on what occasion do you give each other presents?

A:  Christmas and birthdays, mostly.

Q:  i wonder if my students write awful things about me

A.  Stop wondering.  Embrace the certainty.

Q:  i’m washing pots and pans where do i put them until i can dry them

A.  In the dishwasher?  Oven?  Towel on counter?  Towel on chair?  Hanging pot rack?  On your head?


4 Responses to “Whither Google?”

  1. becca Says:

    I am a woman who says “my partner”.
    To clarify, it means hir gender is “not your concern”.

  2. Sarah Says:

    The last response made my day!

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