Calling sociology readers!

One of us has a question about the AJS– if you can help, can you shoot us an email at ?

More generally (for those who don’t want to email but do have info):  If a person wants to write a “Comment” on a prominent AJS article (new research finding exactly opposite results, for example, that don’t contradict the findings of the paper but show that the paper is not externally valid for an important subsample), what are potential outlets for that?


3 Responses to “Calling sociology readers!”

  1. David Stern Says:

    Generally it’s not a good idea to write comments in my experience. Better to publish your paper as a standalone paper which will include a discussion of the paper you want to critique.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’m not a sociologist and I don’t particularly want to write a full paper on this if it can be avoided. I’m tenured, in good standing with my profession, and this is really a comment worth of information– it’s something that came out of a larger project on a different topic that we just happened to retest their experiment on for a different group.

      I also don’t know what the appropriate sociology field journals would be. Do you?

  2. David Stern Says:

    I’m not a sociologist. Does the original journal not take “Comments”? In economics fewer comments are published than were in the past and it can be really tough to get comments published because of course your comment will be sent to the original authors you are commenting on to be refereed. One social science equivalent of PLOS ONE is:

    So, they will publish a paper as long as it is correct.

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