Calling Google

Q:  is interest a waste of money

A:  Interest is the cost of renting money.

Q:  do you wanna have another baby after

A.  No, but thanks for asking.

Q:  what they use to wash dishes in america

A.  Water?  (And soap…)

Q:  don’t you still love me?+grammar

A.  Don’t worry, grammar, we’ll always love you!

Q:  do you think high school students should be allowed to work only during their summer break? would it be better for students with free time to do volunteer work or internships instead of working for salary?

A:  “Allowed” or “should”?  Define “Better”.  Better for whom?  For what outcome?  In what situations?  #2 notes that according to a nifty new paper, yes an internship is better for being hired later than a crappy job is.

Q:  why you agree or do not agree with i/o theorist

A:  do your own homework

Q:  how can i sell my soul for education

A:  online?

Q:  can undiagnosed sleep apnea cause failed sobrity test

A:  it’s certainly possible, but I wouldn’t bet on that in court.

Q:  why does anyone ever have a second child

A.  Temporary amnesia?

Q:  why do we judge messy houses

A:  *We* don’t.  *You* must need a better hobby.



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