Link love again

So remember how last week #2 had bronchitis?  This week she had pneumonia and grading.  But her grading is done and her fever broke, so hopefully she’ll be providing some ranty goodness again in the near future (including Monday’s money post which totally hasn’t been written yet, *cough*).  Until then, here’s some links.

Oregon and larping.  It is the worst thing.

Famous nude paintings get photoshopped to fit today’s beauty standards.  (Contains Nudity)

Pharyngula explains why race is important as a social construct.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about this GOP bill for a pilot school lunch program that only feeds rural kids.  It is true that the challenges for getting food to kids over the summer are different in urban vs. rural areas.  We ought to be feeding all kids, period.  So, as a policy, and I think there was an excellent NYTimes series on this topic last summer (that I can’t find), yes, we do need to work on the question of feeding rural kids over the summer using different methods than for urban kids.  But we should not be cutting food to urban kids.  I’m really not clear right now what this bill actually is trying to do– the media makes it sound like it’s a big program to help rural white kids while cutting funding to black and Hispanic urban kids, but the description of the bill sounds like it’s a tiny pilot program in the state that has the worst health outcomes for rural kids (WV– also why Jamie Oliver shot a show there) and isn’t touching urban at all.  This article explains a bit more, it looks like it actually is a cut on urban pilot programs.  Though these programs are pretty darn small, far too small for the need.  I am glad though that there is a big outcry starting to happen on these issues because ALL KIDS should get enough to eat.  I hope that this backlash continues to grow and that we end up with another War on Poverty, because by God, we need one in this country.

This is a new one.

Presented without comment.  Also this.

Public Image of a mathematician.

I agree with the person who said it was probably just back and forth to the pub.

Because there haven’t been enough grumpy owl pictures lately.

Partner: who needs pizza when you can have pepperoni puff pastry waffles
Me: That just seems wrong somehow
Partner: Really? Because the more I think about it, the righter it seems.

Confidential to Fussbudget:  We would strongly recommend miser-mom to that meta-filter asker.

Most of these other links that we’ve sent to each other this week seem to be discussing the efficacy and contraindications of various prescription cough syrups, which were plenty interesting to #2, but not so interesting to you all, most likely.

#2 says:

9 Responses to “Link love again”

  1. Practical Parsimony Says:

    I live in a city of 25K people in a county in north Alabama. When I in worked Huntsville for a federal program, I was trained to put anyone from north AL in rural category, except for those who live in Huntsville/Madison. I was shocked because I don’t live a rural existence. I live in a neighborhood in the county seat that is sort of walkable. So feeding white kids in the country and leaving out blacks and Hispanics would not be happening under the guidelines for what constitutes rural. We have few blacks in the city and more Hispanics. Most of the Black and Hispanic would actually be in the county and what we normally think of as rural.

    Okay, I have not read the article, but what constitutes “rural” is always baffles me.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Update: pneumonia is the worst. That is all.

  3. delagar Says:

    Q: Are poor rural kids actually white?

    A: There’s a discussion of this over at LG&M. The answer, as those of us who live among the rural poor know, is not always and even (in the South) not so much. But it’s apparent that these GOP lawmakers are attempting to frame the issue as urban poor (black) v. rural poor (white). Like so much of what they do, it’s a dogwhistle aimed at their voters, not reality.

  4. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I like how she even Photoshopped the chubby cherub to be less chubby. And I agree that pepperoni puff pastry waffles are very, very wrong.

  5. Leah Says:

    My favorite blog (that happens to be by a mom) for introspection and thoughtful consideration of life choices is Permission to Live.

  6. gwinne Says:

    We made those pepperoni things. My kids LOVEd them.

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