If you ever loved a link…

Wondering what people actually do with that liberal arts degree?  Here’s a link for you.

How to get at-risk kids to graduate college with nudges, linked from this excellent Ferule and Fescue post.

Is the right to bear arms really the freedom to hunt your slaves?  Given how guns are used these days and the punishments (not) incurred… the story makes sense from a modern perspective.

To the internet misogynists.

Dame magazine notes that no, it’s not all men, but it is men.

Every time the men in your life do something that is not actively harassing you, it’s cause for applause!  From the same oniony site, 70% of real women fail the Bechdel test.

this is some good rage right here

Female characters in 1960s tv.

Captain Tightpants wants to talk.

Not sure what we think about this.

These are good books.

Is the novel dead yet?

holy crap i went here and now my wishlist is exploding!!

this is great, really great

the last panel here made me lol

From something remarkable.

I find this blog interesting

mischievous uncle

A journey into type a personality land and back



5 Responses to “If you ever loved a link…”

  1. gwinne Says:

    thanks for the link, y’all :)

  2. Natalie Allen Says:

    Thanks for all the great links…including to the WorkStory project! Much appreciated!

    Anyone in the early(ish) stage of a job/career, please feel free to share what you do, what you like about it, and the path (straightforward or wiggling) that you took to get there. Video or Text+pic — your choice. Share Your WorkStory. Inspire a Future.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    So “type A” personality types only exist in academia, and not in any other professions? Good to know!

    • Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

      Just re-read that post, because something really bothered me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Now I realize that this blogger is actually asserting that the reason that she was stricken with serious rage issues wanting to smack random children in public and being angry at the cleaning staff at her university is because of “all the type A people in academia”.

      I think this blogger needs to do some serious soul searching, because that sounds like a “you” issue, and not an “everyone else” issue.

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