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#2 recently discovered (#1 knew but didn’t share) medieval POC and is just astounded by how cool and awesome it is.  And… omg, it’s one of those things that just *seems* so obvious when you think about it.  Any city with a port is going to have traders from all over the world in it (and their offspring!).  Any court is going to have ambassadors from all over.  If Science Fiction movies can remember to add in people from different alien races milling about in human settlements, then it makes absolutely no sense that “historical fantasy” can’t figure out a few people of color in court or city scenes.  But of course that’s only the obvious “duh” historical people of color.  There was a lot more migration than just in trade cities and more POC than just ambassadors and traders and servants and slaves, even in Europe.  Turns out black people (and Asians and everyone else!) had been invented, to paraphrase Gus from Psych.  And on top of that, there’s hard and clear evidence that POC are cut out of pictures when presented to the modern world (or rather, the white people are cut out and shown, leaving the POC behind and unseen) and in the most commonly shown literature.  Did you know there was a black-skinned knight of the round table?  Not just one wearing black armor.  But people don’t know!  (Well, except my mom knew, but she has a PhD in stuff like that.  We had an interesting discussion this past week about how the same stuff happens in literature as happens in art.)

Speaking of knights, nobody knows why they battle giant snails so much.

This is just cool.  And this movie looks super cool.

A delicious time-sink: Asian spec-fic authors (with links!).  Yet another way to expand your to-read list…

the US Army is the Most Racist

for teh menz

how to make cheezy noms from hope jaren

Gluten/wheat complications are complicated

The blog that ate manhattan explains why some women opt for mastectomies.  She’s actually summarizing a longer article that she links to, but her summary is better than the original article.

This is a cool comment on a historiann post.  Regular historiann readers might have missed it because it was late to the party.

um, whoops?

something bad is about to happen here

Brain science for writers roundup.

3 Responses to “If you love links like we do”

  1. Historiann Says:

    Thanks for linking to that comment by wombat. I also thought she made some great points & offered a helpful counter-example as to how financing your education can really work for you, even as a non-traditional student.

  2. Rosa Says:

    Have you seen Belle yet? It is so wonderful. And it was sparked by the filmmaker seeing a painting with a gentry lady of color in it, so it’s basically got the same reason for existing as medieval POC – and it’s gorgeous, and romantic, hits all the buttons of an Austen costume drama.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    Loved the Medieval POC thing (I recently slogged through Le Morte d’Arthur, and POC was a thing), and yes that was a great comment on historiann.

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