Do you read me, Google?

Q:  is grad school paid if i have a job?

A:  Depends on the program whether or not they will allow you to have a non-department job while going to grad school, and it depends on the employer whether or not they’ll pay for you.  There’s no straight answer.

Q:  how do i get my graduate school paid for

A:  If you’re a high quality candidate– high grades, high GRE, previous research experience (ideally some publications!), then you’re more likely to have graduate school paid for.  You can also try working for an employer who funds education, especially if you want to get an MBA or JD etc., which have far fewer merit-based scholarships.

Q:  what does it mean to be someone’s partner

A:  whatever the two of you decide it means, based on emotions, or based on an employment contract, or a LLC agreement or something.

Q:  how to politely and professionally tell secreatries to clean up their work areas of clutter

A:  Are you their boss?  Or the cleaning staff?  If not, an unprofessional way is to leave a passive-aggressive note.  That’s what seems to happen at our work.  If you are the boss, think about why you think they need to clean up the clutter.  Is it a valid reason or a stupid reason?  Then if it’s a valid reason, explain it to them.  If not, then why are you telling them? If you’re the cleaning staff, you may be best off just telling the boss that you will not be able to clean whatever it is you need to clean when the desks are as they are.

Q: what to do with $300k

A:  paypal to grumpyrumblings at gmail.

Q:  what to do with £300k

A:  paypal to grumpyrumblings at gmail.

Q:  ran out of cereal and bread what should i have for breakfast

A:  Leftovers.  Cold pizza.  Eggs.  Fruit.  Cat food.  (#2 notes:  no, not catfood)

Q:  what are some things that cause drama

A:  high school.  cheating.  misunderstandings.  suspenseful writing and taut editing.

Q:  if i were to live a day it would be ……

A:  only one day?  Maybe Groundhog Day (like with the movie), preferably with great fast public transportation that will take you lots of places?

Q:  dealing with resentment when one spouse gives up career for another spouse’s career

A:  Use your words.  Try counseling.  Make changes.  Meditate.  Divorce.

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