Trustworthy people


chefs who aren’t skinny [#2 disagrees with this– if you have a really high bar for quality food, you naturally eat less of it]

personal trainers who are buff

elderly tailors [#2 is a bit queasy about getting into demographic stereotypes… but um, she has noticed that the best phlebotomists tend to be female immigrants… that’s probably because discrimination means that in a better society they’d be doctors]

female gynecologists

NOT trustworthy:

makeup artists whose own makeup looks extremely terrible (but what about hair salon people?  do they cut their own hair?) (hair salon people are fine, and a good hairdresser is a jewel to be treasured)

financial planners who work for cut-rate franchises like Edward Jones (if they really knew what they were doing, they wouldn’t be working there)

Grumpeteers, can you add to the lists?


29 Responses to “Trustworthy people”

  1. Practical Parsimony Says:

    Mechanics who cannot keep their own car running.
    Seamstresses whose clothes do not fit.
    Ministers whose kids are hellions.

    • Contingent Cassandra Says:

      Only if the ministers set themselves up as some sort of model parents. Having a difficult kid — and acknowledging that, with due respect to the kid’s privacy — can be a humanizing experience, for both pastor and parishioners. Of course, trying to model work/life balance, with enough attention to one’s kids is also important, but often very difficult for pastors (and even parishioners who support the idea in theory have a tendency to violate it in practice when *they* want the minister’s attention).

      • Cardinal Says:

        Thank you Cassandra. People in the congregation pay 1000 times more attention to the clergy kids than to all the other kids there, so even the normal developmental stuff can seem like “hellion” behaviour to the ever-judgmental eye.

  2. omdg Says:

    Re: Immigrant phlebotomists. (Or RTs or whomever). Many were doctors back in their country of origin. However, it’s barriers to entry (licensing exams, residency, etc.) that keep them from practicing here. I.e. discrimination against foreign medical training rather than against different ethnicities.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Maybe, but many of them have seemed too young to have gotten through medical training. And in the US, at least, doctors are not that great at drawing blood since it isn’t something they’re trained for or get much practice in. Maybe it’s part of the doctor’s job in other countries.

      • becca Says:

        Likely both. Doctors are younger in other countries (e.g. 5 years post-high school in China is equivalent to the 8 years in the US; many other countries are 6 years post high school). And I suspect they do more blood drawing in some of them.

        It’s not about trust, per se, but I prefer female dentists with dainty hands.

  3. Chelsea Says:

    Trustworthy: Phlebotomists who work the morning shift when all the old people come in for their bloodwork.
    Not trustworthy: Phlebotomists who work alone on Friday evening (because they are probably brand new).

  4. Leah Says:

    A good phlebotomist is worth his/her weight in gold. I even know the *names* of the phlebotomists I like at my clinic and try to schedule myself with them.

    I have had one good male gyn in my entire life. Otherwise, yes, give me ladies. I’m all for equal opportunity, but there’s just some fields that need the same gender as the person being treated.

    • Liz Says:

      My male PCP basically said, “yeah, I can do the gyn stuff, but… you’re better off with someone else. My wife sees ____.” Trustworthy: acknowledges his limitations and preferences, and provides a reference to make my life easy given his limits/preferences.

      • Debbie M Says:

        Attractive in any field. I was loyal for a very long time to a mechanic who sent me elsewhere to have my rear-view mirror re-attached. “I could do it, but it will just fall off again [in this intense heat]. Go to [a place that specializes in glass.].”

      • Leah Says:

        yes! Our mechanic also refers us when something is beyond his specialty. We love his honesty!

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Trustworthy: bartenders who subtly let you know you’ve probably had enough for the evening.

  6. Leigh Says:

    Trustworthy: friends who tell you you shouldn’t join their team/company after you tell them what matters to you about work.
    But then how do you know you can trust them when they say you should?

  7. Debbie M Says:

    A lot of people don’t do their own profession on themselves because they don’t want to spend their free time doing more of the same.

    I have been told that therapists who go to therapy themselves are … [do you want to guess?] … trustworthy. That’s because your patients will try to mess with you and they will find your weak spots.

    I’ve also heard that to find a neat roommate, check out the interiors of your applicants’ cars. I’d rather check out the interiors of their microwaves, but you can’t always get that kind of access!

    Hard to trust: Ballroom dance teachers who work for cut-rate franchises that focus more on selling you infinite lessons than on teaching you to dance. But of course even the crappiest companies can have some awesome employees.

  8. Flavia Says:

    Trustworthy: a salesclerk in a clothing store who tells you when something looks bad or doesn’t fit right.

    Trustworthy: any tradesperson who is willing (or eager!) to let you watch and/or ask questions, and who will explain to you how the bigger system involved works.

    Trustworthy: a liquor store clerk who steers you toward something cheaper. (Well, that’s true in almost any profession!)

    Untrustworthy: a brusque veterinarian.

  9. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    Trustworthy: anyone who talks about absent others in front of you in a way that you wouldn’t mind being talked about when you’re absent.

    Untrustworthy: anyone who upsells (especially true of doctors — dentists and vets are the worst offenders in my experience). It really sucks not to be able to distinguish actual professional advice from efforts to pad/maintain the bottom line (even if institutional/societal pressures make the latter necessary — yet another argument for compensating professionals decently for their core work).

  10. plantingourpennies Says:

    Not trustworthy
    Personal trainers on steroids or T
    dentists with fancy offices

    female gynos who are no more than a decade older than I am.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      You are darn tootin’ about dentists. Not so sure about the age on gynos making them trustworthy.

      • plantingourpennies Says:

        Older gynos always seemed to be imposing what they thought I should be doing with my reproductive organs on my medical decisions rather than what I really wanted and felt comfortable with. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the first one that listened and understood what I wanted was around my age, not 20+ years older.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I’ve had bad younger gyn too (the joy of PCOS)… it’s not just an age thing! I suspect many of them are very good at delivering babies, but if that’s not what your need is…

        And come to think of it, the scary ob/gyn who wanted us to deliver DC2 early when my regular was on vacation was about my age.

  11. Edie W Says:

    So how does one find a good financial planner (assuming you’re new to an area and can’t get a reference from someone you know)?

  12. Revanche Says:

    Hair salon people I ask usually have their coworkers cut their hair.

    I disagree with the chef thing b/c that assumes things about exercise and metabolism that may not be true.

    I like wait staff who subtly and politely suggest you might want to stop ordering because you’re about to order too much food for twice as many diners at the table.

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