Kitty update

Regular readers will remember that we’ve had a surplus of felines these past few months.  In If You Give a Mouse a Cookie fashion, we had a kitten stuck in our garage and ended up with 3 kittens (Nice kitty, Mean kitty who has since been rechristened as she’s now a sweetheart, and Boy kitty) and 1 man kitty (Garage Cat) and another man kitty (Patio Cat) and Mamacat, the last two are outdoors only.  That’s on top of our original Little Kitty and Big Kitty.

We lost Big Kitty earlier this year to a stroke.  Garage Cat helped to fill in the hole in our lives left by her loss.

But now Garage Cat is moving on.  One of my friends in another state recently lost her Big Kitty and after some conversation decided that Garage Cat would be the perfect new addition to her family, especially since her Little Kitty has gone into a decline since his loss a few weeks ago.  DH happened to be going to her state for work, and he’s taking Garage Cat on the plane with him.

We’re seriously going to miss him.  He’s a great cat!  He’s big and huggable and gentle and loving.  He mothers the kittens and only plays rough with the big boy kitty (who usually initiates).  He never does the wrong thing after being told not to (except when he’s not 100% really sure that he isn’t supposed to eat the kitten’s food…)  He never scratches people or really anything that he’s been told not to scratch.  He let us put claw caps on his nails in preparation for going through airport security (DH is worried if he gets scared he might scratch).  He has good litterbox etiquette (though could do a little better job of covering his poo, sorry friend!  He does try.).  He purrs and mostly sits in laps (he’s so big he kind of spills over on most laps) and loves pettings and brushings and ear scritches and strings.  He respects Little Cat’s authority and never gets in her face or invades her space.  He even finally made peace with Patio Cat.

But hopefully within a few weeks he’ll be grooming my friend’s little kitty.  She’s a fantastic cat owner.  I know she’ll give him more pettings than we could.  She’ll be able to keep him from overeating (something that’s nearly impossible with 5 indoor cats).  He’ll live a long and healthy life with her.

When we got him he was scraggly and hurt and so thin.  Then he spent some time in our garage.  Then he moved up to our guest bedroom where Big Kitty kept him isolated and quarantined (other than us coming in to groom and love on him).  Then with Big Kitty gone, he incorporated himself into our household and became friends with the kittens once they were tamed.  Each step of the way life has gotten better for him.  I like to think that my friend’s house will be the culmination of kitty paradise.

So, from 6 indoor cats (and 2 outdoor cats), we’re down to 4 indoor (and 2 outdoor).  But gosh, we’re going to miss Garage Cat.  He’s truly an excellent cat.  We’ve grown to love him.  If he brings as much joy to my friend as he has to us, then well, that’ll be a lot of joy.  :)

15 Responses to “Kitty update”

  1. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    It sounds like all the cats are getting settled. Time for more? =)

    I really want a cat. My husband is a one-pet-at-a-time person, though. =/

  2. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction Says:

    Our cat situation is pretty chaotic ourselves. We have 4 indoor cats because I had 2, and my fiance had 2 when we moved in together. Now, we’ve also taken over the care of our neighbours outdoor cat who she abandoned when she moved (don’t even get me started on that!). So, we have a lot of cats… want a beautiful ginger one? :) He just needs a good home!

  3. becca Says:

    This is a sweet post.
    Our two kitties (Mark and Miles) have transitioned to being mostly outdoor cats, which reduced litter box duties for my partner (who got the cats, and thus was responsible). However, I am now taking care of my Mom’s ancient ill tempered somewhat incontinent beast, which is a whole other kind of annoyance (she hisses mightily every time I feed her. I think she’s either nursing a grudge for chasing her into the cat carrier so we could move her, or she just hates me)

  4. Leah Says:

    You are good people for continuing to take care of that many cats! We’ve just got one, and she’s consistently made it clear that she is an only cat. Though, strangely, she has accepted the baby perfectly fine (yes, I’ll post about baby soon!). But any attempts to even cat- or dog-sit for friends have been disastrous. Otherwise, we’d take one off your hands. I’m a cat fan!

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Cattes are the f*cken bestest! I have been an adamant “one catte at a time” partisan. But your catte posts have got me thinking maybe two would be cool. Although PhysioCatte seems so content and happy to chill by himself, I’m a little nervous another catte might make him upset and uncomfortable. Any thoughts? He’s been a solo catte since we adopted him as a kitten.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Honestly, if PhysioCatte is happy as a solo feline, I’d let him stay that way unless you really want another cat. Though when PhysioCatte passes on (hopefully many years from now), you may want to consider two.

  6. Marc-André Says:

    We have 2 and considering a third because our boy is bored and wants a play mate xD. His adoptive sister sleeps at least 48 hours a day so no luck there ;)

  7. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Thanks for the advice!!!!

  8. What Now? Says:

    Yay! I love a happy cat story. Here’s hoping that Garage Cat settles well into his new home and continues to thrive.

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