Good gracious google!

Q:  why cant i find a real way to sell my soul for money proof

A:  Sometimes we wonder about random people on the internet.

Q:  how did you pay your loans?

A:  Everyone should pay their bills with a smile.  I tried, but they wanted cash instead.

Q:  moocs put professors in danger of being lost as a bet

A:  Jonathan Rees.

Q:  changing your address on equifax worth it?

A:  worth what?

Q:  how to make 3 year old picky eater eat who has stopped eatib anyting in creative manner

A:  Meh.  Just keep offering healthy food and don’t make a big deal out of it and it will work out (assuming there aren’t physical issues like tongue tying or whatchamacallet with the different whatchamacallets that like the purees)

Q:  why is my 4 year old boy grouchy

A:  Not enough sleep, hungry, sick, overwhelmed, sheer cussedness, attempting to learn new skills.  Perhaps you should ask the kid?

Q:  is anyone an accounting professor who doesnt hold a phd

A:  Yes.  SLACs and CC often hire people with MA only.

Q:  you know you are from indianapolis

A:  No, we had no idea.

Q:  should a professor take summer off to be with kids

A:  Probably not.  But a professor could cut down a bit.  Assuming ze isn’t teaching.

Q:  can a previous owner take your house away even though its paid for and in your name

A:  No, unless there are extenuating circumstances, like the person who sold it to you didn’t have the right to sell it to you


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