And then there were four kitties

After successfully taking Garage Cat to his new home, where he has settled in beautifully, we decided to rehome Patio Cat as our next project.  My MIL had said she was willing to take one cat, and since she prefers an indoor/outdoor cat, a cat living on our back porch who desperately wanted to come inside seemed like a good match.  So he spent a week in the guest bedroom acclimating to the great indoors separated from our other cats.  We took him to the vet who thinks he’s got that herpes thing that makes cats get weepy eyes when they’re stressed out, but otherwise checked out ok.  All muscle.

Next we claw-capped him, which wasn’t a problem at all.  He’s a sweet big guy, just like Garage Cat.  And before another week had passed, DH had taken Patio Cat and the two kids on the plane to see the in-laws.  There he spent the week mostly hiding under the bed, but also bonded with my BIL’s cat.  He did not get along with my SIL’s cat because her cat doesn’t like anybody, but he’s mostly just been ignoring her.  My SIL’s cats are always a little neurotic and somehow they always end up at my MIL’s place.  Unfortunately the BIL’s cat went back with BIL and SIL’s cat is staying on for a while.

So far it seems like Patio Cat has settled in.  He’s a good kitty and an easy kitty.

That leaves us with:

Little Kitty, our tiny aging cat who we are keeping.

Nice kitten who pees on things so we’ll be keeping her too.

The cat formerly known as mean kitten who is now a sweetheart.

Boy kitten.

One of my students emailed to ask if I still had cats because his grandma is in the market for one, but I haven’t heard back since replying in the affirmative, so I’m guessing she’s found another.

9 Responses to “And then there were four kitties”

  1. plantingourpennies Says:

    What’s the purpose of claw capping? I mean, I assume you didn’t do it just so it looked like patio kitty had a pedicure?

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Last night I dreamed we had 11 new cats in our backyard, all black. That was a bad dream.

  3. Karissa Says:

    We got Kitten in May. Just found out yesterday that Bean is allergic to dust mites, dogs and cats! He is asymptomatic at home though, so I wonder if the stuff they used to test had the essence of twenty cats. Any experience with pet allergies to pass along?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I tested positive to those allergies too (along with grass, birch, and a whole bunch of other stuff, but not wheat which is what I was in there to get tested for). The dogs and cats don’t particularly bother me, though for some reason I was allergic to Garage cat for a while, but that went away. The allergist said not to worry about the cat allergy unless it actually bothered me, which it doesn’t, which was why I said I didn’t need a test for it but he still insisted.

      • Karissa Says:

        Thanks! The allergist is known for being anti-pet so I am not going to worry about it unless Bean suddenly develops something drastic like a rash or the inability to breathe.

  4. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I never heard of catte clawwe cappes! That’s f*cken awesome!

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