Googly eyes

Q:  average time to completely furnish a 15 room house

A:  No doubt far less than what it took us to furnish our smaller house!

Q:  ran out of cereal and bread what should i have for breakfast

A:  eggs!  or cake…

Q:  do lecturers work through summer

A:  Often they do, but not always.

Q:  why do people make fun of gifted children

A:  Because the world is a terrible terrible place.

Q:  what is a moms least favorite chore

A:  Depends on the mom.  Is your least favorite chore the same as everyone else’s?  (My least favorite chore is probably vacuuming because I’m hella allergic to dust.)

Q:  can i get a “c” in a graduate school class

A:  Yes.

Q:  are 9 month contract professors required to fill out fmla paperwork for the summer

A:  Probably not, but check with your school’s HR just to be sure.

Q:  ways to answer roll calls

A:  Here.  Present.  Yes.  Ya Vol mein frau doktor!

Q:  why doesn’t my balance in your checkbook doesn’t match up

A:  Why do you have my checkbook?

Q:  a toddler that sleeps a lot mean not that intelligent?

A:  Of course not!


5 Responses to “Googly eyes”

  1. Emily @ evolvingPF Says:

    If not for the notecard “cheatsheet” we were allowed in the third test of a particularly difficult biology course I took during my PhD program, I would have ended up with a C at best in the course. I heard a rumor later on that if you get anything less than a B in a course you’re kicked out of the program – or maybe it was two grades lower than a B? In any case I was very relieved that with my higher score on the third exam I squeaked out a B. Memorization has never been my strong suit!

  2. xykademiqz Says:

    >> Q: a toddler that sleeps a lot mean not that intelligent?

    I am a big sleeper, I am hoping that doesn’t mean I am dumb. ;-)
    I’ve read that extroverted people sleep more than introverted ones. Hey, people are exhausting! :-)

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Fmla = f*cke my life association??

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