Before and after: Housing edition

Before:  big, cheap, stupid, and located in hell

After:  small, expensive, smart, nice and in walking distance to everything– restaurants, parks, shopping, grocery stores, public transportation, THE LIBRARY

I think Imma need these.  You put them under your bed frame legs to get your bed up higher so you can store more stuff under there.   I have some plastic drawers that I can stick under there.  I might get some cardboard ones for sweaters (so they can breathe). or I might put books under there. Or general stuffas! I feel like “random crap” should maybe go in there rather than valuable shelving. Good times, good times

Downsizing sucks.  It’s work. Boring and tedious.

That’s it.

I refuse to talk anymore about apartments. You don’t even know how burned out I am.  It’s MY apartment and even I’m tired of it.

I have one.  It’s nice.  Though I won’t really know how nice it is until we’ve lived there for a while.

The end.

Next up:   I refuse to talk about moving.

13 Responses to “Before and after: Housing edition”

  1. bogart Says:

    Congratulations on having found a place that, notwithstanding your moving-related grumpiness, it sounds like is a big improvement on earlier.

  2. Sandyl FirstgenAmerican Says:

    You sound as tired as I feel.

    You know it’s bad when you see a work person at the Home Depot and they say “You look how I feel.” Dirty, tired, sore? Thanks.

    I have a walk to town place now and although the town is small, it is awesome to be able to walk places. To go to the bar and not need a designated driver for instance.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I would go crazy if I had to live in a car-only transportation environment.

  4. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    I hope you like your new place. Moving sucks!

  5. plantingourpennies Says:

    Moving sucks, but it sounds like your new place is great. I loved my tiny apartment I had when I first moved to FL – walkable to everything except work, and if I wanted to walk ~300ft across the street and go to the beach, the most direct route was to cut through the parking lot of the public library. A border area between different ethnic communities meant I had easy access to amazing food from several cultures! That apt was 400sqft of poorly air conditioned cinderblock heaven.

  6. Rosa Says:

    i’m sorry you’re tired of it because I would LOVE to talk about downsizing. I daydream about it…

  7. Thisbe Says:

    I am pretty radically committed to walkability… There was a time when circumstances of my life made it impossible and I am SO glad that part of my life is over. Life is so much better when I can walk everywhere.


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