Makin up a song about email in a chat log

#1:  my brain is exploding with email, I don’t understand
whyyyyyyy so much email

#2:  why are you getting so much email?
who is sending it?

#1:  many peeps

#2:  networking peeps?

#1:  all sorts of peeps. Some is forwarded from [university]. Some is colleagues. Some is friends, some is listserv, some is “your order has shipped”, some is my mom

#2:  “your order has shipped” is always nice.  Does your mom have an unsubscribe button?

#1:  hahaha unsubscribe mom from sending me stuff she thought I might like that is either irrelevant or I thought about it 3 years ago. Sigh.

[begin music]

My password expires in 30 days…. would you please allow us to use your stimuli (sure!), would you like to read these books or attend this sale or be a co-author, the conference information has changed….. eeeeeemail.

The third co-author needs to talk to you, here is your lease, here is the name of a headhunter, our baby is cute….. eeeeeeemail.

(Bridge:  Here’s your receipt; would you mind taking this survey?)

Your review is due, someone’s changing their email address, times for riding….  eeeeeeeeemail.

Sing it with me, y’all!  (#2 also has 200+ emails to go through right now…)


18 Responses to “Eeeeeeeeemail”

  1. plantingourpennies Says:

    “Does your mom have an unsubscribe button?”

    I auto-filter certain family members that spam me incessantly. Gotta stay sane somehow.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    F***en A, I wish my asshole mother had a goddamn unsubscribe button.

  3. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    My family members email me with their personal problems all day long. I also get a lot of spam. I can relate!

  4. First Gen American Says:

    I wish people would pick up the phone more. I hate when a. If email chain could have been avoided with a live conversation.

  5. Linda Says:

    My dad email spams me all the time. He forwards on stupid sh*t that is insulting (since we have different political, religious, and social justice viewpoints) or just misinformation about stupid stuff like people whining about the price of gas. The make matters worse, he never calls me but instead tries to guilt trip me when I call him by repeating “I haven’t heard from you in a while. Why don’t you call?” It doesn’t seem to matter when I point out that he could call me. It’s sort of sad to say, but I think I’m done with my dad for now. I had a pretty tense call with him a few weeks ago where I basically kept throwing back at him the burden of the calling and I could tell he was piss*d when we hung up. Ugh!

    Email…I gave up on keeping up with email. As long as I get whatever an email relates to addressed before the situation blows up, that’s good enough for me. I am not an “Inbox zero” person at all.

  6. No Nonsense Landlord Says:

    I get so much email, it’s crazy. And Google filers out much of the spam before I get it. I will be looking for the YouTube version of your song soon.

  7. Rented life Says:

    No jnbox zero for me. I’m too lazy. My dad doesn’t check his email enough my brother checks and doesn’t respond and mom just writes basic stuff so no annoying family email. My extended relatives don’t email me but save all their annoying sh$t for FB.

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