Brag about your kids and/or pets!

We haven’t had one of these posts since January 2013.  There’s been growth since then!

What wonderful and adorable things are your kids/pets doing these days?  What makes you beam?  What makes you smile?

39 Responses to “Brag about your kids and/or pets!”

  1. Miser Mom Says:

    PERFECT timing!!

    Yesterday, my son came home from his first day of high school, called me up at the office, and asked, “Mom, am I allowed to make kale for a snack?”

    Later that night, he asked to sit on my lap. Oh, yeah baby! That’s the kind of kid I’m raising!

  2. Jenn Says:

    All of a sudden, my three-year-old thinks everything is beautiful. We walked into a public restroom last Saturday and she raised her hands in the air and said “Mommy, its’ soooooooo beautiful” hahahaha

  3. gwinne Says:

    This isn’t a brag, but it made my day.

    Yesterday after HOURS in the airport, I had Tiny Boy in the bathroom for the millionth time and he said “my penis is so happy.” Cracked me up.

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    DC2 is potty trained at daycare now! (A full year after being potty trained at home. But ze totally has the underpants thing down and asking teachers to go to the potty, which is somehow more difficult than just taking hirself.) After several false starts, it took two weeks of 3+ accidents per day to get down to 0 accidents per day.

  5. Chelsea Says:

    My little guy is a word sponge. It amazes me how much he understands now. He has a few two-word sentences, and he’s starting to recite the line of the next page of some of his books before we get to them. It’s really cute.

  6. Sandyl FirstgenAmerican Says:

    I love our chickens. They give my mom purpose all year round, they give us back eggs every day. They eat our food scraps. Everyone in our neighborhood and at work gets all the eggs they want and then if they start acting up, we eat them. Best of all, they live outside, so they don’t make a mess of the inside of our house. Best pet in the world.

    The last fairly proud moment I had was when I was in a restaurant and ordered spinach salad for my kids and the couple next to us said to my boys “you eat spinach?” and my little one responded…”I love Spinach”. Then of course he had to be coaxed to eat it once it got to the table (because the pizza and salad came out at the same time…which wasn’t supposed to happen) but for those few minutes, it was a proud moment. I still haven’t gotten them to like kale though, despite my love for it and eating it several times a week on my own. My older boy often stands up for younger kids being bullied and doesn’t get bullied at his camp which has had big problems bullying of late. That makes me feel like he can take care of himself in tough situations. Phew.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      ” My older boy often stands up for younger kids being bullied ”

      That is AWESOME. Not to denigrate the chickens or the spinach liking. But good for your oldest!

    • Linda Says:

      I am really going to miss my chickens for all these same reasons. Next week they are going to a new home, as is the coop. *sniffle, sniffle* I could have tried to keep them around longer, I guess, but since the house gets listed late next week it seemed like the time to say goodbye to them. I won’t know what to do with my food scraps anymore. Garbage disposal and trash seem so wasteful. :-(

  7. Linda Says:

    The only brag about my dog is that we know each other so well and it is such a comfort to me. We’ve lived together for 11 years and I can understand when she is telling me she needs to go outside, when she is hurting, when she is bored, when she is hungry. She understands when I am not feeling well (either physically or emotionally) and offers me her quiet, but solid presence to comfort me. If she’s getting too agitated or worked up about something, I just have to tell her “That’s enough,” and she stops and looks at me. She happily greets me every time I walk in the door, but doesn’t jump on me. She makes me laugh all the time because she has very funny sounds and habits (like her almost yodeling and “rooing” when she is excited, and how she drags her belly across the floor or bed, and how she rolls onto her back and gyrates her hips in excitement.). The look of pure joy and happiness on her face when we are playing with her favorite toy is priceless. I love my dog. :-)

  8. Dana Says:

    Not really a brag, but my 2 year old just figured out how to play with trucks and it is the darned cutest thing as he uses his construction trucks to move sand and rocks. He wants ALL his trucks with him at ALL times and he takes them inside and outside and is generally obsessed with them. He isn’t happy that we won’t let him go outside to play trucks with his sand table before even getting dressed in the morning.

  9. Tinkering Theorist Says:

    Some other boy on the playground told a girl who had a pony toy that only girls play with ponies. My son initially agreed, which I told him I didn’t like. Later they were standing near me and I overheard him whisper to her “I have a secret; don’t tell your brother: I like ponies. And Hello Kitty. For real.” While there were probably better ways for him to have handled that, I feel it’s a good start for a 6 year old.

  10. Rented life Says:

    Baby can climb up stairs, pull self up on anything (though seems to prefer to do this on me when I’m trying to use the bathroom), and looks like Zie has won the lottery every time Zie takes a bath. Zie will also try any food given. Cats have figured out how to get past baby gate to be downstairs–quite an accomplishment for them. However, girl
    cat hasn’t figured out how to get back upstairs. Girl cat also took short nap near baby twice–big deal as she acts like she hates the loud thing we brought home to torment her.

  11. Katherine Says:

    My dog (who loves food more than just about anything else) can stay in a “down” with a piece of kibble on each paw for as long as I ask him to! Six months ago (when my husband and I took him from my dad and stepmom) he couldn’t stay in the down long enough for me to put his food bowl down in front of him.

  12. J Liedl Says:

    Eldest is preparing to move back into residence for her second year of university. She’s studying psychology at the big university several hours to the south of us and such a joy to have when she’s home for visits. So mature, smart and funny! Autistic Youngest gears up for another year of high school where she’ll tackle data management, senior chemistry, creative writing and two art courses. Pretty impressive plans and I know that she can do well with a little less support than last year required.

    Our pets are wonderful companions. Xena is starting to mature a bit at 1.5 years. Goldie is still a beautiful Sheltie closing in on thirteen years and our two Siberian cats are adorable, demanding puffballs of hypoallergenic fluff. Life is good!

  13. becca Says:

    I shall not speak of the hellbeast or the flea infested felines.

    My kid is pretty great though. A friend visited from out of town with her 4 month old and my kiddo was ON IT for binky retrieval, peakaboo, singing spontaneous lullabies, you name it. It was adorable. Almost made me want another one.

  14. Zeeba Says:

    My 3.75 year old has started doing math unsolicitated. Like oh we have two carrots in the cart, if I get three more we will have five. I have never tried to intentially teach her math, so now I think she is a genius for figuring it out on her own. Its the only explanation :)

  15. Ana Says:

    My little guy is also fully potty-trained (during the day). No accidents for several weeks now! My older son makes up the most hilarious songs and stories, he is so good with words, I’m amazed. He doesn’t let his stutter stop him from talking to people, either.

  16. plantingourpennies Says:

    Kitty PoP has 2 extra toes on his front two paws (4 extra toes in total), and they are kindof like opposable thumbs. So he can do cool things like pick up pieces of kibble that I toss across the tile in his paw, bring the paw holding the kibble to his mouth and munch down. It’s pretty awesome and still creeps Mr PoP out a bit, but brings me such outsized joy to see him be so adorable.

  17. Leah Says:

    My kid can smile now! She’s 7 weeks tomorrow and has been smiling for almost three. At this very moment, she is doggedly trying to roll onto her side to sleep.

    Pretty much everything is amazing because, hey, I have a kid! Also, our cat likes her. Lucy tries to groom Julie, which is a true sign of kitty acceptance.

  18. Donna Freedman Says:

    My only child just turned 36 (HTHDTH?) so I have no first-generation kiddy stories. But my great-nephew, who just had his eighth birthday, is a huge Hello Kitty fan, has pierced ears, loves getting manicures and wears “girl” clothing. I’m talking skirts, tutus, dresses and the like. His mom is totally in his corner, his dad is coming to terms with it (bought Barbie sheets for the bed nephew uses during visitation) and the school administration has been supportive.
    His almost 13-year-old brother sometimes torments him (what are big brothers for?) but never teases him about his predilections. When I took him aside and said how happy I was that he never harassed little bro for wearing girl clothes, the older boy replied in a matter-of-fact, almost bored way that “there’s no such thing as ‘girl’ clothes.”
    Atta boy!
    Oh, and I’ve offered to watch DF’s granddaughter a few times of late while her dad helps DF with a construction chore. Very fun to hang out with a small child again. I have three juggling balls and each time she visits she wants me to show how it’s done. Last time she was over she faced the mirrored closet door and waved her arms in wild circles while holding two of the juggling balls. Now all she has to do is learn how to let go. (Insert metaphor ending of your choice here.)

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