• We got a weird anti-abortion spam claiming to be from a woman with hypermesis gravadim (or however you spell that) saying that she was keeping her baby and it’s really easy to get an abortion in the US in her state and thus must be all over the US and a whole bunch of misinformation about biology… it ended spammily talking about what the person would talk about in hir next blog post (but no link to said post).  So I looked up the whois, and the spam came from the Netherlands.  What is up with *that*?  I wonder if it’s one of those whole sale copy pasting spam thingies (usually these are advertising silver, but this one didn’t have a link), only targeting any post that mentions the word “abortion.”
  • The argument that “gifted kids will do just fine in poor schools because white upper middle class kids who test well do fine no matter what” is offensive on so many levels.  (Hint:  not all gifted kids are white upper middle class kids who test well.)  Perhaps you meant to say “kids identified as gifted through poor identification mechanisms will do just fine in poor schools because white upper middle class kids who test well do fine no matter what.”  Identification as gifted is not actually the same as giftedness and failing to be identified is especially bad for those not white not upperclass gifted kids, especially the ones who don’t test well.  Those gifted kids are also especially screwed over by poor schools since they’re not getting as many second chances.
  • Another weird anti-abortion spam on that same thread, this one advertising some kind of Christian website.  Guess I’ll turn off comments on that thread.
  • Montessori is awesome because after DC2 takes pots and pans out of the cupboard and bangs on them, ze puts them back.
  • DH says, “Don’t wear your potty as a hat!”  Advice for us all.
  • It’s bad to refer to wives as trophies because the idea of a trophy wife is disgusting.  Women aren’t status symbols.  However, I think it’s ok to say a woman is a prize because it can be short for prize-winning, which means they themselves are the best, not just a symbol that her partner is the best.  But maybe we shouldn’t refer to women as prizes either.  I dunno.
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13 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    Just be glad you aren’t on Facebook. People post the most offensive things from both sides of the political spectrum! I usually find myself in the middle on most issues so I am usually offended by all of it. =/ Although, things are improving somewhat. I still get the anti-abortion- hellfire damnation stuff, but I FINALLY stopped seeing people question our President’s country of birth. Finally! A few people have been blocked on there over the years.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It came to me this morning that we’ll probably have to eventually close comments on this thread too since it has the word “abortion” in it.

    • plainandsimplepress Says:

      You know, it’s counterproductive to shut people up because their views offend you. Those who would like to effect productive, positive change need to know what the opposition is thinking. Silencing them cuts off avenues to a) mounting a workable campaign of your own; b) communication; and c) any possibility that your behavior does anything other than confirm their worst suspicions.

      The reasonable thing to do, if the head must be parked in the sand, is simply not to visit sites where annoying comments from annoying people appear. That’s one of several reasons I stopped using FB.

  2. Debbie M Says:

    My sister is collecting self quotes of things she never thought she’d say. For example, “Don’t wipe your butt on the wall.” There really are so many social norms you have to figure out somehow.

    Montessori is awesome in so many ways.

  3. Cloud Says:

    The thing that drives me crazy about the gifted kid discussion is that people assume that it naturally has to be a competition for resources between gifted kids and other kids. They don’t even consider the possibility that we could work to build a system that serves ALL kids well.

    And yeah, my kids will be OK no matter what the school district does with gifted education- but only because we have the resources to make sure they are. What about the kids whose parents don’t have the money to buy an alternate solution? I hate how so many people assume that those kids aren’t going to be gifted. That is BS.

    OK, I won’t rant here. I was a kid who was helped a lot by gifted education. My parents were not wealthy. I do not know what would have happened if our school system didn’t have gifted education. I don’t think I would have ended up in private school. I was such a little rule follower that I probably would have been “OK”- i.e., I wouldn’t have ended up in trouble. But would I have ended up with the same opportunities I have now? It is impossible to say.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Absolutely. In fact, the “teaching gifted kids in the regular classroom” notes time and time again that what works for gifted kids really does work for all kids. But it does take more effort from an already strapped teacher. I have a hard enough time teaching 30 college students who are at slightly different levels– I can’t imagine 30+ little kids at wildly different levels.

    • chacha1 Says:

      competition for resources *in education* is just about the ONLY place where conservatives are full-on Darwinists, it seems. To the poor kid: “If you can’t ace the SATs with this empty library and 35:1 teacher student ratio and twenty-year-old textbooks then clearly you are not college material.”

  4. Revanche Says:

    More than ever the state of our education system scares me.
    I was lucky in that I might not have been all that gifted (I don’t know how you really tell at age …9?) but my mom (absolutely not wealthy, immigrant, non-native speaker) rooted out a way to get us tested into the system and I stayed in through the end of high school. I struggled a lot more than my cohort did, and didn’t even try for more than a state school, but I think it made a difference in how I approached school anyway. Being pushed *was* good for me and I couldn’t have gotten that kind of education without getting into that part of the school system.
    It’s hard for me to imagine how difficult it would have been for us to get those benefits alternatively, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford extras.

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

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  6. hush Says:

    It’s bad to refer to wives as trophies because the idea of a trophy wife is disgusting.

    Amen – totally disgusting. That phrase quite literally objectifies women. DH and I were at a dinner party recently where one of the women there proclaimed “The second wife of Mr. so-and-so is a total trophy wife!” Then DH and I blurted out at the same time: “No.” And we proceeded to have an awkward discussion in the absent woman’s defense about how society is always judging women for their looks and we feel it’s some tired ol’ sh*t by now.

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