Google questions

Q:  What are things only New Englanders do?

A:  say “chowdah”

Q:  why dont i mind when the women that i love is grumpy

A:  because you respect her as a full human being with a full range of human emotions?

Q:  money is tight and my husband gets grumpy when i tell him not to spend money what do I do?

A:  try “discussing” instead of “telling”.  Maybe get on the same page about financial goals and how to achieve them.  Split your finances.

Q:  what does it mean when a man call his wife his significant other

A:  why don’t you ask him what he means?

Q:  did u missed your friends in high school

A:  In high school we MADE friends! (That we still have!)

Q:  how can my child to college when i make minimum wage

A:  We’re glad you asked.  Get your child to the college counselor’s office immediately.  Find out about the FAFSA and fill it out as early as you can.  It kinda sucks but there are people who can help you through it.  If your child is attractive to colleges, then given your lack of income, your child will be eligible for a lot of grants and some low-interest loans.  Your child is also most certainly eligible for waivers for application fees– ask about them at the counselor’s office.  Encourage your child to study hard and get good grades in school and high scores on the SAT/ACT.  If your child has a high GPA and high SAT scores, then apply to a range of schools, both public and private.  The private will be more generous with the financial aid even if it looks like they have a higher sticker price.  If your child does not have a high GPA or high SATs, then make sure your kid wants to go to college in the first place.  In that situation, if ze does want to go to college, doing the two years at a community college and then, if ze wants, transferring to a 4 year school may be the most cost effective option.  The military is another option, but note that the GI bill is not as generous as it could be or as it was a generation or two ago, so you should not force your child to go to the military in the belief that all of hir higher education problems will be solved.

Q:  how much money to give at a wedding if acquaintance

A:  why is every question about wedding spending?  Spend what you want, sheesh.

Q:  is the time away from my kids worth the second job

A:  Only you can answer that.

Q:  what to do with my cash

A:  paypal to grumpyrumblings at gmail dot com

Q:  how much should i expect to get paid as a new graduate

A:  …in what?

9 Responses to “Google questions”

  1. L Says:

    These are for-real questions?? From for-real people?? Sheesh is right. Great answer on the college question, though!

  2. Debbie M Says:

    I know why MY boyfriend doesn’t mind (usually) when I get grumpy. Because compared to his last girlfriend, my grumpiness is cute and tiny.

    “is the time away from my kids worth the second job” – depends on the kids (that’s my evil answer)

    “how much should i expect to get paid as a new graduate” – entry-level wages

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Q: what does it mean when a man call his wife his significant other

    A: it’s time for a new one

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:

    It just occurred to me I have a question for the grumpies– what do economists think about raising the minimum wage? Is there a general consensus either way or is it as mixed up as it is on my Facebook feed?

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