Link love

Another instant classic by Scalzi.  Also glitter and Chris Kluwe continues to be awesome.

Emma Watson

donate now and help corrupt young minds!

Crappy things I made tumblr.


memo to self to keep this in mind

This is cool.  I totes want to go into DC1’s computer class and do it.

fascinating!  I wonder if DC2’s gut is different than DC1’s because of the lack of wheat… (and I eat less wheat than the rest of the family)

hey look

stock photos are weird

mobile showers

I don’t know if we link-loved this result before, but I guess it’s worth repeating

Ask your comradde about toxic family members

Hard PNIS science!

hot dog math

wrong crowd small cat

An evaluation of course evaluations.

butt horn or but thorn?  You decide.

Ok, I’m just going to ignore the huge amount of links that #2 sent me about all the interesting fun cool delicious things within walking distance or a short light rail ride.  Because you all don’t want to read and feel jealous either.

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