Daughter of Even more google questions

Q:  how to balance a checkbook when off few dollars

A:  check your math.  Look for hidden fees.  See if people haven’t cashed checks yet.  If you want to give up, just make a red line and put in an “adjustment” that is clearly labeled as such.  Though it’s always good to leave a little extra float in checking in case someone hasn’t cashed a check yet or whatever.

Q:  how to write a statement of interest for social work 2013

A:  http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+write+a+statement+of+interest+for+social+work+2013 (#2 notes, THAT IS HOW THEY GOT TO OUR BLOG.  Obviously Google led them astray.)

Q:  can an hoa take your home if your using it for prostitution

A:  always read your HOA rules and guidelines, and know your local laws.

Q:  is it possible to do an accounting phd and work fulltime?

A:  Most PhD programs are not designed for ANY work outside of the PhD-granting institution itself.  Check your local rules.

Q:  who said this, i would like to be stranded on a island with the ny public library with a very pretty librian

A:  We’re guessing it was some jerk.

Q:  how to write novels about telepathy

A:  I’m thinking the answer to you right now.

Q:  if someone refers to their other half are they married

A:  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Q:  why do i want to be grumpy

A:  Great question, but only you know the answer.

Q:  write about family members comparing contrasting them in terms of what they do,like,think,enjoy,prefer for example

A:  Good grief.  DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.  This is an EASY QUESTION.  The internet doesn’t know the answer!  Only you know the answer.  Just think about it.

Q:  phrase that describes being financially independent

A:  How about, “being financially independent”?


7 Responses to “Daughter of Even more google questions”

  1. Sandyl FirstgenAmerican Says:

    Your layout is looking funny today. Is it just me that sees the center pane very narrow?

  2. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Of all the homework questions to cheat on… your own family? Really? Our education system is failing our children

  3. chacha1 Says:

    the homework questions crack me up.

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