Gosh Google

Q:  how much should a family of four give for a wedding present?

A:  Is your baby chipping in towards this gift?  The cat?  No?  In that case, give anywhere from ‘handmade card/free’ to thousands of dollars, depending on your situation.  The happy couple takes checks, cash, and money orders.

Q:  is it sanitary to rinse dishes in a sink rather than under running water

A:  use a dishwasher, it’s more water-efficient.  (P.S.  No.)

Q:  what is the purpose of medical insurance?

A:  You must be 19 years old, amirite?

Q:  do engineers make good boyfriends

A:  Mine did, but he would be a terrible boyfriend now because he’s married.

Q:  do engineering faculty teach during the summer

A:  It depends.  Some do, some don’t.

Q:  reasons why i should stay grumpy

A:  Kyriarchy.

Q:  why did i choose mna for grad school

A:  I don’t know, why did you?

Q:  how do people make a living in the midwest

A:  Usually by going to work…

Q:  what could you use a spoon for stranded on am islanf

A:  So many things!  Knife.  Reflector to flash Morse code SOS at passing vessels.  Eating utensil.  Shovel.  Cooking up your crack.  Splint.  Back-scratcher.  Shiv.  Come up with your own if this is a homework assignment.

Q:  what are the gifts can be present to friends marriage

A:  Check their registry.  If no registry, then write a check.  Or you can try to be thoughtful, but that means you have to get something them-specific.



5 Responses to “Gosh Google”

  1. Bardiac Says:

    Kyriarchy! I learned a new word!

  2. Leigh Says:

    I’ve always preferred to write checks than give cash. I’m not sure why though. Do you know why you do?

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