Link love

Lotta links this week.  We had to make up for last week by reading the entire internet.  Lots of good videos too!

Calling all writers— Cloud is starting a publishing company!

Listen to your body clock.

Metaphors again.

Sartorial advice for landing  a spacecraft on a comet.

Argh of the day.

Framing love?

First day of marriage pics!

The problem with positive thinking.

I want a box of ham.  A tower!  Oh heck, just go and read all of these. Who knew that a comic about breaking cat news could be so long lasting and hilarious.

How to save the post office.

Anne Lamont is the coolest!

Tiny Iron Man.


DC1 is enjoying the program mentioned in the comments.

Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago all score 100. These are my people.

all the kittehs!

Let’s hope this never happens to us

Bad advisor suggests places to donate (instead of to her).

That could be why.

10 ways to help out in Ferguson

Holy blackout batman! surely there are enough mosquitos for all?

From the Littlest professor

Why Millenials aren’t saving.

Generation X is tired.

Medieval doodles

Yes on all of this.

What would Victoria Beckham do?  And what are you proud of?

Lotteries don’t really fund education.

Sometimes the onion is just depressing because it is so true.

The truth about job growth.

Is Airbnb worth it for landlords?

Tampons in ancient Greece?  (spoiler:  probably not)

Ear wiggling kittens drinking milk from bottles.

Gamergate tries kittens, fails.

Coffee is the meaning of life.

Ok, with this last too many cooks thing, you have to keep watching *after* the point it becomes boring and irritating.  Only then does it turn hilarious.  (I turned the sound off for a little while and that helped.)


7 Responses to “Link love”

  1. xykademiqz Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Just read the entire Breaking Catte News archive! LOLZ!

  3. Peppers and Links | xykademiqz Says:

    […] Nicoleandmaggie have a very cool list of links this weekend. Go check it out. […]

  4. The frugal ecologist Says:

    Great links this week.

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