• Dear Daycare, why do you always call me first?  My husband does 98% of drop-offs and at least 80% of pick-ups.  He always answers the phone when you call him.  You only get me when I’m in my office.  It says on our card, “Call First” with a big arrow next to “Father’s cell.”
  • Also, no, I would not like to drop by daycare to “encourage” DC2 to get hir picture taken.  If ze’s afraid of the photographer and doesn’t want hir picture taken, we’re fine with that.  Did you notice how we didn’t fill out the form requesting professional pictures?  That’s because we don’t want them.
  • The first new daycare we looked at was great!  Sadly they don’t have an opening in the younger twos room until January and they won’t accept DC2 in the older twos room until January (“liability reasons” “choking hazards”).  Sigh.  One of hir former teachers from the good montessori said hi!
  • The university daycare said yes, we’re still on the list but because of when DC2’s birthday is and when we signed up, we won’t be off the list until next September at the earliest.  Two of my colleagues’ kids are there and they love it.  (We’d be there too if we’d signed up when I was pregnant, but we didn’t know our favorite daycare would go under, and if we’d signed up, we would have gotten off the waitlist before it went under and would have thrown away that slot.  So… without a crystal ball…)
  • I’m now at the point in my career where people introduce themselves to me at conferences sometimes.  Like grad students!  It’s super weird.  But kind of cool.  :)
  • Five months later, finally get DH’s second-to-last travel reimbursement.  They swear it won’t take as long to get the next one.  $1,700 is a lot of money to not have.
  • DH has been cooking for 14 years.  This year we noticed that he has been improvising on recipes for quite some time without a single disaster.  I’ve been cooking since I was 7 years old, so when we married I’d already been cooking longer than that.  It really is just experience, not necessarily a natural ability.
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20 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. gwinne Says:

    I also decline to get my kids photos. JC Penny is cheaper and fun to do on occasion as a family.

    Yeah, we’re at our current daycare because when we moved (LG was a toddler) the waiting list for the toddler room at the university center was 18 months, which meant she would have needed to be on it when I was pregnant and living in another state… Fortunately option 2 has been a good fit for our family, so when there was finally room I visited and opted not to move her.

  2. First Gen American Says:

    One of the parents who volunteered for photo day said that the kids who got the cheap packages got about 2 seconds of photo time. No wonder our pictures always come out horrible. No retakes for my kids.

    My second preschool was mediocre but is close to my house so convenience won out over quality. The “good” one in town was only 1/2 day. My questions. Is why are all the “best” preschools not full time in my area. There are a handful here that people rave about but they are all 4 hour sessions. Apparently working parents don’t need quality daycare. Head start was awesome though but too far from our current location.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Maybe because on the east coast daycare is super expensive?

    • hush Says:

      The so-called “best” (that’s debatable) preschools are also never full-time in my locale either. Most of them are either open a few full days but take an afternoon or two off per week, or they only operate in the mornings. I suspect this is by design — they are actively trying to distinguish themselves from the local “daycares” that are open from 7am to 6pm– and yet “daycare” is precisely what these “preschools” are, only with crappier, less-working-people-friendly hours.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Where we live all the “best” schools are full-time or close to full-time. The fancy Montessori that used to be “best” also used to only go to 2:30 or 3:30 or something, but it now has “after care” until 5:30 like every place else. The part-time places are mostly fundamentalist around here. There’s not any push for competitive preschools for SAHM in town, I guess, and full-time preschool is still only $600/mo give or take.

        Most of the f/t places around here have p/t options too. Either 2-3 days a week or half-days all week.

  3. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    I feel your pain on daycare. When we moved last year, switching daycares was easily one of the most stressful parts of the entire deal. We hated moving our kids away from a daycare that everyone was happy with and we hated taking them somewhere new. Making things worse was the fact that the first few daycares I toured in our new town were just really off and weird for some reason. I couldn’t imagine leaving my child there!
    I hope you find one that fits your needs and our budget.=)

  4. SP Says:

    The first one would drive me bonkers.

    These days, I think anyone can cook if they can follow directions on a recipe. Making up meals and improvising takes more skill, but I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t “know how” to cook. Sure, better knife skills would speed things along (in my case at least), but that isn’t going to stop me.

  5. becca Says:

    There is a Law of Nature that says the money you spend on professional photos of offspring is inversely related to the degree to which you will like the photos later. Always true for school photos, often true even for ones when you are physically there and can somewhat control the conditions.
    There may also be a Law of Nature re: daycares (and schools) calling Mom first.

  6. Peony Says:

    I have been wondering ever since subscribing to this blog what “RBOC” is an abbrevation of … ?

  7. hush Says:

    Daycare calls you first because of the employee there who likes to bully you.

    I shake my tiny fist at her, and hope January comes soon!

  8. J Liedl Says:

    We’ve got one treasured picture from when Autistic Youngest was in daycare. They had dress-up options – she chose to pose as a cowpoke and a firefighter. The latter is my partner’s favourite photo of her, framed and sitting prominently on his dresser. Most of the rest of the school pictures have been disappointing but we still buy the packages since distant relatives want their kid fixes!

    My reimbursements have been mostly very timely though I’m now on month two of waiting for a $700 repayment. Going to have to ask some questions!

  9. Kellen Says:

    Man, I would just be really obtuse when the daycare called and be all like “Oh, is this the first number you called?” and they’ll say “Yes,” and then I’d be like, “Okay, well call the number we requested to have called first, and call me back if you can’t reach DH.” and then hang up. Every time they called.
    Of course, they have your child in their custody so pissing them off repeatedly may not be advantageous… but if you do it as politely as possible in a cheery tone of voice…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Back in the day when we were at different daycares and taught on alternate days, I’d always ask politely if they could call DH on my teaching day because it was his day off from teaching. Now the rule is a lot easier!

  10. Revanche Says:

    no, no, random BONBONS of crap. Nonviolently.

    See but then I have to reconcile “bonbons” with “crap”, and my brain has trouble with this.

    I’ve noticed some of the (very pricey) daycares in CA do ridiculously elaborate school pictures now and then send home all KINDS of prints, including magnets, on the assumption that you’ll pick most of them because you can’t resist, no matter how $$$. I’ve been throwing out old pictures during our purge and it makes me wonder: who the heck cares what I looked like at school at age 8?
    And we paid good money for those standard (and awful) pictures. We’ll be skipping professional pictures for LB, I expect.

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