Good gracious google!

Q:  what chores did children do in the 1950s

A:  My mom says she cleaned the entire house before school each day.  And walked uphill both ways to get to said school.  Barefoot, in the snow.  And they liked it.  (Actually that part about the snow and liking it are lies– there’s not that much snow in CA, and she never claimed to enjoy it.)

Q:  enrichment activities for 2 year olds

A:  Besides the iPad that they break?  Um, reading books, dancing, parent and me classes, listening to music, going new places, going to playgrounds…

Q:  we should measure country’s success by how happle its people are?

A:  Probably not.

Q:  do we have more opportunities for education than our parents?

A:  Yes.  Most of us.  Though inequality of opportunity is still a major problem in the country.

Q:  what was bell curve that some kids could sleep through the cracks

A:  Those on the right tail may sometimes sleep in class if they’re not being challenged in school.

Q:  i want a child is it the right time?

A:  Up to you!  And potentially your partner.

Q:  how would you handle a crying baby interview

A:  PICK HIR UP.  Check hir diaper.  See if ze needs burping.  Try food.  Look for signs of pain.  Bounce around, or sway, or sing, or give the baby your car keys.  They love keys.

Q:  interview questions for a mother of a 5 year old

A:  “What’s a good book you’ve read lately?”

Q:  can you use silly putty to hold up your vertical blinds when they break off from the plastic at the top

A:  Doubtful.  We use clear plastic packing tape.

Q:  what happens if you don’t make a grade of b in a graduate program?

A:  You make an A?  Or you have to retake the class?  You may even drop out and go into the work force.

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One Response to “Good gracious google!”

  1. bogart Says:

    Well, we could do worse than happles.

    For Q2, swimming! Especially if your (high-property-tax community) had the wisdom and foresight to spend a bunch of money creating a REALLY NICE, kid-friendly, well lifeguarded indoor one about the same time your son was born, just sayin’.

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