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Well… this has been a week.

Remember when Gen X middle-class white folks thought that implicit bias and structural inequalities (which are terrible) were where we should be putting all of our anti-racism focus because we didn’t know that blacks were still being killed by whites with impunity?  When we knew that getting a cab was more difficult and police were more likely to give tickets (also terrible), but we didn’t realize that just walking outside could mean sudden inexplicable death?  When we thought the Rodney King thing was in the past?   Police brutality shouldn’t have to be video-taped in order to get press.   Children shouldn’t have to die for our eyes to be open.

Also for this Christmas season… Imagine A Christmas Story where Ralphie is black.  An icicle to the eye would be the least of his worries.  That is white privilege.  Never thinking to have made that connection before is white privilege.  The only people in this country for whom the justice system even has a chance of working are middle class white people up against middle class white people.  Poor people and minorities get shafted and rich people get away with far too much.  I’ve lost a lot of faith.

Even though state-sanctioned executions of black boys and teens are not a thing of the past, we should still be fighting against the patriarchy and kyriarchy on all fronts.


Big Hero 6 has gender/racial diversity done right.  (#2 adds: Big Hero 6 is a great movie.  You should see it if you get a chance.  It’s funny, and also it shows how gorgeous San Francisco is!  Also it has a fat cat named Mochi.)

A rape analogy.

What women want, according to designers.

I want to buy whatever they are selling.

Flex your hustle muscles

Coffee is a tiny little mobster.

Flowchart for the opening of any and every Bond movie.

Journal submission recommendations from Larry Katz.


Unlike for most online postings, read the comments on this one!

A castly castle.

The lightsaber jokes begin.

I feel like this

What an editor does

Heroes and villains, Flemish masters style

Working at a research university:  illustrated


8 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    I actually thought of you guys when I was watching “Big Hero 6” because of how well they handled race, gender, and body type. And everyone was gorgeous. And all the buildings were gorgeous. And all the vehicles were gorgeous. And they turned San Francisco into San Fran Tokyo. I LOVE what they did to the Golden Gate Bridge.

    The plot–meh. Though I did actually laugh aloud at some slapstick (involving Baymax trying to move through the world), which may be something I have never done before.


    I enjoyed learning the new-to-me word “contranyms.”

    I’ve been to Chillon. I can’t believe they didn’t show a picture of the bathroom. Let’s just say that the toilets overhang the water. I’m sure there are also modern bathrooms that are now used instead, but those don’t stick in my mind as well. Another fun thing is that you can “boulder” (do horizontal rock climbing) around the base over the water for much of the building.

  2. Revanche Says:

    Between rage, and other kinds of sick and tired, I ran out of the energy to talk about the racism inherent in the MB case, I may just have to point at this post. I’m so tired of people arguing that because MB was “big”, he was a thug and well street execution is totally OK. Where the hell are we that street execution is OK for any reason, much less for an alleged theft?

    On the “what an editor does” link, I’m always surprised when “cursing profusely” doesn’t appear on the list. I guess that’s for the less formal list.

    You’re the second to recommend Big Hero 6, we may have to give it a try.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I would like to live in a world where police try to deescalate situations and not escalate them. Where someone doesn’t get shot and killed if they’re unarmed and holding their arms up, especially not in the back. Where people don’t BLAME THE VICTIM so fricking much. Where black and white civilians have the same experiences exercising open carry laws or holding toy guns.

      (Also, apparently MB wasn’t that big and DW is, according to one of the news stories, but that’s still irrelevant. One of them was armed and the other was trying to surrender. But facts don’t matter when people try to retell the story to fit their own racist narratives.)

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