Let us all love links (ongoing racism, part eleventy)

Here are this week’s links we’re reading.

Tenure she wrote (great title!) on no longer taking bad advice from old white dudes.  This just in:  sexist racist thief selling Nobel prize.

Until they were retweeted by a man.

 Note to myself that I should read and absorb and use this.  (#2 does applied stuff.)

This thing is cool.  I’m totally playing with it!

 5 practical things men can do for gender equality at work (and home!).

 on this: I note that it’s easier for men to skip the shallow work because women will pick up the slack for them

Seriously, f* the police. Also, this detail that’s not being reported like it should be.  Also, did we mention f* the police?  You wanna murder someone in cold blood and get away with it and you’re not picky on who you kill?  Consider a career in law enforcement.  Seriously, f* this!  You can take the DOJ’s word for it in this long report, or just read the summary, or even just the very first paragraph!

GO HOME, RACISM, YOU’RE DRUNK.  Death threats.  More deadly racism in Missouri.

Body cameras aren’t enough.  We are all monsters.  So much racism.  I’m linking this “F the police” moment for the last line of it.

How to deal (or not) with racism at Thanksgiving.  One of my colleagues says this is hir experience too.

Conversation with Chris Rock.

Elly Kellner is decent.  I like the video.

Great headline.

Save money with a morning wedding?

For someone who hates economists, this is pretty good economic analysis.

Facts about aging.

One of the things we’re trying to teach DC1 is that it’s ok to play with hard problems and to not expect a direct solution right away.

do want

A year in books.

mmm wild pig

This is what happens when you order ridiculously cheap clothing from Singapore (giggles).

This week’s Epic Parenting award goes to these people, who’ve been publicized all over the internet this week and are awesome:


What else ya got?


15 Responses to “Let us all love links (ongoing racism, part eleventy)”

  1. The frugal ecologist Says:

    I ate wild pig this week – delicious tenderloin. Although I ate it medium rare (as I do normally), which probably wasn’t smart in retrospect. Here’s to hoping I don’t come down with brucellosis!

    According to the guy at the small town meat processor, that is where your cheap bacon is coming from these days. He says a buyer comes by once a week and buys live young pigs for $0.50/lb (they have to be live for usda inspection rules), processes them at a usda facility and makes bacon out of it.

    That birth announcement is so awesome! Wow, people are great sometimes :)

  2. Cloud Says:

    I’ll come back and read the serious links later- they look good. But I have to say something about the buying clothes from Singapore link. I once took a 4 month sorta backpacking trip around the Pacific and Asia. We packed light and did laundry often, so I only had ~5 short sleeve shirts. With such frequent wear (and not always gentle laundering) a couple of them wore out by the time we made it to Singapore. No problem! I figured it would be easy to buy more at one of the malls in Singapore. HA HA HA HA HA. After much sad shopping, I finally found a store where the XL polo shirts sort of fit me. They were snug and shorter on me than they were intended to be, but they were not ridiculous and looked OK.

    Then we went on to Malaysia, and I fell in love with the characteristic Straits Chinese blouses. Here’s a picture that shows what they look like: http://www.e2pages.com/ujifesyen/products1.asp?ID=310 (warning, link plays cheesy music)

    We were in a mall in Malacca for something else, and saw a stall that sold nothing but these blouses. I went to buy one and the shop attendant couldn’t stop giggling as she kept having to get me a bigger and a bigger size to try. I suspect that what I ended up with is like XXXXL, but I love it and it is beautiful.

    I had much better luck shopping in the stores that catered to the Indian population in Malaysia,

    • zenmoo Says:

      I love shopping in Singapore- but that’s because I’m 5ft & my pre-pregnancy weight was 53kg (115lbs). Clothes had a good chance of fitting me! I actually bought a lot of nursing friendly dresses & tops from a couple of Singaporean shops online.

      I think growing up in Malaysia imprinted on my fashion sense. I love color & bold prints which is pretty much the national style. Sure I can work the Christchurch/NZ uniform of black down jacket/jeans/black boots but I’m happier in hibiscus print.

  3. SP Says:

    The article on “5 practical things” was good, then I read the comments, and was depressed. A few supportive ones, several saying “oh, but men just work more hours and so they shouldn’t have to do x y z” and a few saying “yeah, but women need to do X, Y, Z to help themselves.”

    Whyyyyyyyy?! Can’t we just let her suggestions stand?

    Anyway, great links, per usual.

  4. Debbie M Says:

    That was a fun way to describe a year’s worth of reading.

    And the aging myths one is good except that it talks about people older than 50. I want to know about people older than 80. Still, I especially enjoyed the part about running–you get the best benefits by only running the amount I hope to be running again one day and no more!

  5. Anne @ Money Propeller Says:

    Thanks for the shout out. You managed to get a LOT of commentary and links in there, wow.

  6. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    That Chris Rock piece! WOW! I want to have dinner with him one day. I saw the Singapore clothing article earlier. It was cute.

    Random question of the day: Honestly though, is there a point in your life where it really just is too late to consider a PhD?

  7. becca Says:

    Saw this link and thought it might appeal to you… http://lonerwolf.com/introvert-dream-libraries/

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