Do you ever have that dream…

If so, tell us all about it in the comments!

The last one I had, I had to go back to highschool with #2 because we were both missing courses for our high school degree.  Mine was PE!

(My partner reports that everybody has that dream.  But probably everybody doesn’t dream about getting their PhD taken away due to a high school mishap!)


39 Responses to “Do you ever have that dream…”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    My most common dreams are set in college. I dream about that time in my life the most which is ironic because that is the time I had the least amount of free time for myself. Maybe my subconscious is trying to live out parts I missed.

    My second most common dream is someone trying to kill me. The person and weapons are always different but I never run. I always fight back with whatever is in my reach ala Buffy the vampire slayer. One time I used a chair to shield myself from a bow and arrow attack.

    The third most common is the work nightmare. This only happens when I am really stressed or I am logging a lot of hours.

  2. omdg Says:

    I dream about failing high school because of missing a final exam. Never dreamed about not having an MD or PhD. I’m sure it will happen at some point in time.

  3. Mrs PoP Says:

    I have lots of weird dreams (seriously weird…), but losing a credential has never been among them. Maybe I just don’t care that much about them?

  4. Kellen Says:

    My dreams are too weird for something logical like concern over losing a degree :). My most common recurring dream is just random excel spreadsheet stuff, whenever I’m stressed about work.

  5. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    I dream about houses. My subconscious is a real estate agent.

  6. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    I dream that I’m in high school and can’t open my locker or find my classes. All the time.

  7. Leah Says:

    No, but now I will. Geez.

  8. Liz Says:

    I am grateful not to remember most of my dreams. The ones I do remember are either (a) too real, so that I question reality on waking; or (b) too scary, like the teeth-fall-out, or giant-wave-overtaking-everything, or something similar. I don’t need any of that in my life, thankyouverymuch.

    (Still don’t remember ever dreaming about loss of credentials.)

  9. Bardiac Says:

    Isn’t there a Kurt Vonnegut short story with that basic beginning?

  10. delagar Says:

    I don’t dream about losing my PhD, but I frequently dream that it’s finals week, and I suddenly realize that there’s this class I was supposed to be teaching — all semester — that I forgot to meet. I haven’t met it since the first week of class. Oh no! Now what! And I can’t remember what classroom it meets in to give the final, for the class I forgot to meet! AAAA!

  11. xykademiqz Says:

    I don’t dreams about having degrees taken away, but I do have nightmares about high school history and often biology. Those were the subjects I hated, because I had to cram for them. We never had tests, it was all stand up and recite the lesson/answer questions in front of class. So my nightmares are about being called out in history or biology, and I am unprepared.

  12. Katherine Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about having one of my degrees taken away (and I usually don’t remember any dreams), but the other night I dreamed that I was at a conference and got into a feud with a postdoc who was one of the conference organizers over breakfast buffet etiquette, and it ended with me being totally discredited. It was really, really strange.

  13. exoboist Says:

    Hey, I have delagar’s dream too! It was a weird shift when I went from dreaming that I was a student in a class I hadn’t attended all term to dreaming that I was a _teacher_ of a class I hadn’t been to all term (and often in a subject I wasn’t qualified to teach, as well).

  14. Tree of Knowledge Says:

    I have a version of that. I dream that I’m in high school and people are trying to get me to take classes, but I’m totally confused because I have a PhD. (“Yes, I know I didn’t finish high school, but see my degree right here.”). This is really not weird though because I took the GED instead of finishing high school.

  15. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    I’ve definitely had the forgot-to-finish-high-school dream, especially in the year or so immediately after I defended my dissertation. I’m not sure I thought the Ph.D. was in jeopardy because of the failure to finish high school*, but I still needed to do it.

    *Actually, one of the odder features of this dream is that I had a prep-school classmate (very smart, but somewhat immature at the time) who decided she’d had enough of high school sometime in her junior year, applied to what turned out to be our mutual college alma mater, and got in, but with a required deferment of a year. She was supposed to take a college English class during that year, in fulfillment of her last requirement for a high school diploma, but didn’t (or, rather, I think, took it and flunked it because she didn’t do the work). I think she did take and pass the GED test, but she basically ended up, four years later, with a B.A. from an Ivy League school, but no high school diploma (and I believe she’s now got a Ph.D. as well). So I actually have/had concrete proof that I didn’t need my high school diploma for my Ph.D. (or B.A.) to be valid, but still I had that dream. In my case, the fact that I was considering prep-school teaching at the time may have played a part as well.

    • Leah Says:

      My brother has no high school degree but has a BS and an MS. He skipped high school.

      We asked my uni about that, and they said I needed a HS degree to enroll. At the time, my HS was being evasive about if I needed a 2nd year of PE to graduate, but that git worked out in the end.

  16. chacha1 Says:

    on the rare occasions that I have dreams I can remember, they are either about sex (which I don’t get enough of) or challenges at work (which I periodically get too many of).

  17. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    Huh I took the poll and said no but then I read your description about going back to high school and I think that maybe I did have something like that… I had to go back to my high school to take some classes. Weird.

  18. becca Says:

    I did not go to high school, but do not dream about people making me go. Which is good, I think.
    Except I dream about things like having to wrestle a hippo into submission barehanded in a fight for my life. After I already subdued the alligator, and was tired. This may or may not be related to someone in my life who may or may not be a pillow thief.

    I *have* had ones about having a class I didn’t realize I had all semester.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I think you need more pillows to decoy the thief.

      • becca Says:

        I am torn because A) I have like 9 pillows but B) I always covet MOAR pillows. If I came home and my entire bedroom were literally filled with pillows, like you open the door and they spill out on you, I would weep for joy. I am deranged that way.

  19. Amanda Says:

    I am always dreaming and how I have to go to high school. And half way through the dream, I realize – wait a minute. I already have a PhD. Why am I doing this????

  20. Rented life Says:

    I’ve had the someone trying to kill me dream a lot. Doesn’t bother me unless I’m also dreaming I’m at my own house. (Usually I’m not and I’m a crime fighter or have magic.) I had loads of teaching dreams–always involved losing my voice.
    I dreamt about high school once. I was performing in the talent show. My band did a cover of Pearl Jams “glorified g”. I sang and played guitar.

  21. jlp Says:

    Ha! I used to have the dream about needing to get to a final, only not having gone to class all semester/not knowing where the final is/wait, why don’t I have pants on? But in the dream, I don’t yet have my PhD (in the dream, I’m almost always in high school, sometimes college), and for some reason, I stopped having that dream a long time ago. (Now that I am a parent, my bad dreams are almost all about bad things happening to my kids.)

  22. plainandsimplepress Says:

    I’ve never had a dream about someone taking away a degree (not one that I can remember, anyhow). Maybe it’s because the degrees proved to be relatively worthless — who would want one that can’t get you a job?

  23. Revanche Says:

    The only school related dreams I have are the ones where I show up to middle school late, then don’t know which class I’m supposed to go to because I don’t know what time it is and which class period started the day because they decided to rotate the start times. It makes no sense.

    Mostly the dreams were always of the First Gen American’s variety of someone trying to kill me in elaborate sorts of chase scenarios. Then they morphed into actual shouting fights with my family because if I can’t fight with them in person … !

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