Link love in absentia

Slimy Baltimore fox affiliate caught faking kill a cop protest chant.

Reading for Hope in Unjust Times.

Why is Conservative Comedy unfunny?  Probably because it punches down and most of us know we’re not supposed to be explicitly racist/sexist/etc.

I had some of this cheese at a restaurant and it was so delicious and tasty

Racism is the mechanism by which white people learn to be just fine with horrendous evil.”

I wish everyone could have the protection that the invisible backpack of white privilege confers.

Would you rather be rich in the 1950s or poor in the 2014s? has a very different answer if you’re not a white male.  Though judging from the comments section on the original article, not anywhere near different enough.  I hope we keep moving forward on equality, but judging from the cycles in history, I have my doubts.

Scalzi Hollywoods up Christmas.  My favorite is the photo in the second comment.

Surprise (not really a surprise):  tech journalism is sexist!

20 years of racial profiling comics.  How can we make things better?

4 Responses to “Link love in absentia”

  1. delagar Says:

    The racism post at Tiny Cat Pants is great. And the discussion in comments (for once, read the comments!) adds to it.

    Thanks for linking!

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Scamorza is a nice variety of cheese. I especially like it smoked.

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