Sometimes links just need a little love

Not ONE woman?  Not Janet Yellen? Not Amy Finklestein? Not Esther Duflo? Seriously? No Claudia Goldin? (President of the top economic association the world?)  No Marianne Bertrand?  Brigitte Madrian? Economists themselves are doing better than The Economist magazine when it comes to recognizing top women.

This just in:  Huge shocker:  NYTimes has sexist tech reporting.  I know, so surprising.

Are you a bumper sticker feminist?

Adorable animals sticking out their tongues.

Best street art of the year.

Pleasures of the private.

Scalzi comes around to our way of thinking about the feminism label.

So what if Cloud’s daughters are princesses?

On nerd entitlement.


Does the handmaid’s tale hold up?

hey, disability rights: I didn’t think of that

23 Responses to “Sometimes links just need a little love”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    Thanks, I especially enjoyed the princess one (I have a friend with a kid like this) and the marshmallow car (disability rights) one.

  2. Tragic Sandwich Says:

    I hadn’t thought about the disability rights and access issue of the Google cars, either, but now I see it as a great way for my dad to continue to be independent. He is just barely beginning to have some diminished sight capacity, and he and my stepmom live in an area that is not even remotely transit-friendly. Something like this–if it were highway-friendly–would enable him to continue to travel not only within his city, but to visit us and continue to build a relationship with my daughter.

    And I FINALLY read A Handmaid’s Tale a few years ago. I have to say that when Rick Santorum was running for the Republican nomination, I definitely thought the book held up. The details may not feel right, but the hate and fear are all around us. (Also, one of the things that really struck me about that book? While Gilead had benefits for some members of society, no one was having any fun, no matter how much power they had.)

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I will be first in line to ride a driverless car. I f*cken HATE driving, with a burning passion hot as a million suns!!!

  4. becca Says:

    I am in love with marshmallow cars, because, well, marshmallow cars. Adorkable. Also, I would be so, so, so very happy if when my kid is 16 he has a robot car. Because I do not want to pay that insurance, nor stay up at night worrying about him. He can learn to do the single most dangerous things modern humans do when his prefrontal cortext is done cooking.

    That said, I am actually kind of appalled that marshmallow cars may actually “click” before artificial vision downstream of the optic nerve does (seriously, I saw a seminar on this, and it was AMAZING how much they could replace and how quickly it was improving). If only biomedical researchers were treated like Google engineers, I think we’d already have it. Still, we’ll need a different kind of solution for optic-nerve and true brain damage based blindness.

  5. John Samuel Says:

    Thanks for the link. It’s doing interesting things to my daily stats. :)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’ll have to see if you have good taste in anime– I’ve had the worst time finding new series to watch ever since netflix took away the ability to follow reviewers. (And animenfo stopped updating etc.)

      • John Samuel Says:

        Grins. Well, I think I have good taste. There may be a quick way to calibrate that: name three series you like & three you dislike & I’ll provide thumbnail opinions if I’ve seen them….

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Like: Kenshin, Princess Tutu, Fruits Basket, (but also goofy stuff like Sgt. Frog or Slayers) (Yes… these are all old… I have watched newer stuff and liked it but haven’t bought it so I can’t just look at my shelf for names!)

        Dislike: Akira, any anime with rape in it, … I’m having a hard time remembering names of things. Didn’t like Lum (but who remembers Lum?)

      • John Samuel Says:

        1. Kenshin good, but nearly dropped during “half opponent of week” aka Kyoto arc.
        2. Princess Tutu: haven’t seen but want to
        3. Fruits Basket: good but could be improved by having Tohru grow a spine and whack the idiotic Sohmas occasionally
        4. Akira: agreed, very overrated film. It probably made sense as a 40 volume manga, not so much in 2 hours
        5. You can add sister complex shows to the ones I avoid.
        6. I do, but Urusei Yatsura is a difficult one. It’s either fabulous or appallingly bad with very little in between. The second movie Beautiful Dreamer is one of Mamoru Oshii’s best.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:


        ooh, I wonder if the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge manga has updated since I last looked…

      • John Samuel Says:

        That I couldn’t tell you. I don’t read a lot of manga, and I’ve only seen a few episodes of that anime (I did want to see more of it though).

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It has, but sadly (or happily, really), it has been licensed so the scanslation won’t go to the end of the series (which the internet says is happening this February). So no closure for me unless I remember to get the manga when it’s out in the US. I really hate to buy manga because one series will take up an entire bookshelf (I really don’t need boys before flowers taking up an entire fifth of a bookcase). I wish they did more consolidation like they used to with Ranma.

        Re: Kenshin, the first two times I watched it I had no idea there were terrible filler episodes because the guy who had the fansubs didn’t show them or even tell us they existed. And he was right!

      • John Samuel Says:

        The problem with the TV series Kyoto arc is that it ISN’T filler. :(

        It’s just far too long, and fights are stretched out over too many episodes.

        I’m actually interested in seeing the 2nd/3rd Kenshin live action films because I think the Kyoto arc would work well at that shorter length.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Not as bad as say, Naruto, though. But the reason is the same for both– the anime caught up to the manga which was still on-going.

  6. Cloud Says:

    Thanks for linking to my USA Today piece! And for the Oatmeal piece. I would love to see self-driving cars or just some sort of rethinking on what public transit can be. I’m watching my grandparents struggle with the fact that my grandmother (who is 93) will need to stop driving soon (grandpa is blind so had to stop years ago) and it is sad to think about what they’re going to have to stop doing. I hope there are better options for my parents when they get to that stage.

  7. Privilege is… not seeing the advantages of technology to others | Pirates of the Burley Griffin Says:

    […] of Grumpy Rumblings I found this page on The Oatmeal about Google’s Self Driving Cars. Go read it, especially […]

  8. January 2015 in Review | Pirates of the Burley Griffin Says:

    […] to see Bumper Sticker Feminism do well, but this time it was entirely due to Grumpy Rumblings finding it linkworthy. Thanks! That page also alerted me to a fascinating piece on the Oatmeal about self-driving cars so […]

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