What did we get for Christmas?

#1 DH got the interior of my car detailed!  It is no longer scuzzy at all [update:  except the tip of the emergency brake– I’ve mostly gotten that clean though] and they tacked the fabric back in the doors.  Yay DH!

I also got a pillow protector, Akata Witch, The very nearly honorable league of pirates #1, The well of ascension, What works for women at work, What If?, and One Lady Two Cats off my wishlist.  Oh, and new sheets and towels (the former of which we really need since one of our two sets literally disintegrated a week before Christmas).  My stupid plan to keep my SIL from getting me the thing marked “lowest” off my Amazon list by not marking anything as “lowest” failed when she got me something not on my wishlist at all.  I’m not actually sure what it is… some kind of housewares thing that looks like one of those trays you serve breakfast in bed with except it specifically says not to use with food.  (Also it’s seriously scratched up on the bottom.)  DC1 drew me a super awesome comic strip with Pokémon putting up a Christmas tree and Pikachu lighting it up with predictable effects (“Does anyone else smell smoke?”).  The last panel says, “Now we sit and wait for presents to appear.”  My sister got DH and me a joint gift from her trip to Italy with small tasting liquors (including pistachio which I have been looking for in the US for AGES) and ancient balsamic vinegar sweet enough to go over vanilla ice cream.  Win!

The kids got a tonne of stuff.  Highlights of the best include a wooden toy tool belt from my sister, The Book with No Pictures, and The Most Magnificent Thing.  I *strongly* recommend the most magnificent thing for any budding engineers (under the age of say, 9 or 10) on your list, or even just budding perfectionists.  Oddly DC1 got catapults from multiple family members this year.  We can do a serious siege on the wooden castle now (we only had one catapult before).

#2’s partner got her a dice bag which is black leather with purple dragon on it.  Inside are purple dice, lavender dice, and steampunk-y dice.  I’ve been borrowing partner’s purple dice for D&D.

I also got lots of books!  I love books!  And amazon gift cards!  That I spent!  On books!  [ed:  If you wonder what books she got, you’ll have to ask her in the comments!]

Did you get anything especially fun or unusual?

25 Responses to “What did we get for Christmas?”

  1. Leah Says:

    New camera (a dSLR) and new lens :-) so dreamy!

  2. omdg Says:

    Our daughter got magnetic tiles to build things with, a bulldozer, a tea set, some bongo drums, a Grumpy Cat stuffed animal, and some puzzles/books/movies. We also got her a moon for her room that goes through all the phases when she clicks a button on a remote control. She has been a fan of almost everything.

    I got… I don’t remember.

  3. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    I didn’t really get anything from my side of the family. I’ve had two really sick family members die in the past few weeks and nobody in my family has really been thinking about the holidays. Today is my 35th birthday and my mom even called to tell me she didn’t get me anything. LOL Good thing I don’t keep score! My MIL got me a beautiful piece of luggage.

  4. Leigh Says:

    We got spoiled this year. I blame it being the first combined Christmas – we both got presents from each other’s families. I got a really nice new leather purse and a wristlet for my phone in my favorite color and my MIL (we’ve started calling the other’s family our in-laws) made me a beautiful scarf in my favorite color. I also got ski socks, a rolling pin, and my boyfriend got me my favorite chocolates and a gift certificate for a facial! For joint gifts, we got a bunch of silicone utensils (yay we can throw out the plastic ones!), a car mount for our phones, a pizza peel, knife sharpening tools, some cutting boards, a meal-sized reheating Tupperware container, a salad spinner, and a Magic Bullet.

  5. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    I had a great Christmas. I got a Kindle and an adorable Betsey Johnson lunchbox from the significant other. My mom got me MUCH needed pots and pans. My brother and his wife got me a beautiful wallet, a trinket box, and a RICE COOKER! My younger brother got me a spa certificate. My aunt got me a perfume. My best friend got me three months of Lootcrate. My cousin got me a bottle of wine. My other cousin gave me a TGI Fridays gift card. I was a very spoiled mutant.

  6. Linda Says:

    My family stopped doing gift exchanges a few years ago. Plus this was my first Christmas away from family since my gap year, so there are no gifts to write about. BUT my South Bay friend came for a visit over the extended Christmas weekend and we had a lot of fun playing tourist. We went to a hot springs on Christmas Day (very crowded!), hiking on Boxing Day, and then cycling (with a few stops for wine tasting and a gourmet lunch) on Saturday. We ate some fabulous meals out on Friday and Saturday night, too. I guess that moving to Paradise was my best gift of all! :-)

  7. Tragic Sandwich Says:

    Please tell me about the books. My family used to buy me books, and now only Mr. Sandwich does. I mean, I still buy myself books. That’s not going to stop.

    I got a new laptop (my old one came to an untimely and decisive end) and an iPhone–my first (personal) smartphone. I held off for several years due to the cost of the data plan, but have succumbed (and the way I use devices makes this the right choice at this time).

  8. The frugal ecologist Says:

    In an effort to get more consumables and less “stuff”, I asked for tea. I ended up with four kinds of tea that I don’t like.

    But I did get two great new coffee mugs, some books I wanted (The Japanese art of tidying up – I love it), an awesome new planner, and several gift cards (spa, fun movie theater).

    I think my MIL finally got the hint. This year I got (inoffensive) earrings and DH and I got a check. A welcome respite from the world’s ugliest purses etc.

    Your comment about your sister-in-law cracks me up. How can people be like that?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      For about a decade, I told myself that her tastes are just so different than my tastes that she just happened to like best the things on my list I wanted least (but still wanted). Maybe that’s true…

      • The frugal ecologist Says:

        Make that “the life changing magic of tidying up” – ridiculous and awesome. (I suspect it appeals to a specific personality type…)

        Next year you should make something you really want lowest priority just to see…

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I thought about doing that, but decided it would be more mature to not do that (plus if I really want it, someone else might buy it!). But I’m tempted…

        I imagine we’re not the personality type targeted by that book, based on what we’ve read on blogs. It’s more a SHUbox kind of book. (Though I do subscribe to some minimalist tenets and I don’t buy or keep around crap that doesn’t “spark joy” for a very broad definition of sparking joy, as in, it has to be useful.)

  9. chacha1 Says:

    I got an IOU for the latest greatest Kindle. :-)

  10. First Gen American Says:

    Santa got my young one the book without pictures. He likes it but not as much as I’ would have hoped. The other book must be great because it was out of stock on Amazon.

  11. Virginia Says:

    Magic cards (the game)

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