• I was depressed for no reason for a week or two.  (Well, not no reason, I mean, there were disappointments and things, but usually things I get over.)  I thought maybe it was my diet (refined carbs had crept in), but changing that, while it helped, didn’t make it go away completely.  Then I took some of the vit D I have been supposed to be taking.  20 min later I felt back to normal.  Note to self:  Vit D.  Take it.
  • I wish we could afford 6K/month in rent.  That would make a lot of things a lot easier.  [Update:  now 7K/mo in rent… housing prices be crazy.]
  • What is it with toddlers and imaginary keys?  Dc2’s imaginary dragon was stuck and needed a key to get out.  At just a little bit older than this age, dc1 was pulling imaginary keys to open imaginary doors blocking hir path.  Our children are magical.
  • This year we’ve gotten 3 Christmas cards for the people we bought the house from EIGHT years ago.  Usually we get one or fewer.  Hopefully the online whitepages has their “new” address correct.
  • Dear retired FBI guy, I still do not know the personal schedule, cell phone number, etc. of the gentleman whose office is next to mine.  I am also still not a secretary, personal appearances (given my lack of Y chromosome) to the contrary.
  • Dear students, especially those who I have never seen before in my life, you need to get a new stapler in your workroom because my stapler is not your personal stapler.  Again, I am still not a department administrative assistant, and if you’re going to turn your exam in to a department administrative assistant *anyway* then you should use her stapler.
  • Dear new administrative assistant, I am having a really hard time understanding why all these people cannot find you because you are ALWAYS just across the hall from me talking really loudly to the student workers keeping anybody from getting any work done.  Maybe that’s why the guy whose office is next to mine is never here.
  • So, #2 tried a more casual first paragraph in a cover letter and got a call-back almost immediately.  Trying to figure out if that’s going to work for every job or specific kinds of jobs or if it was just a fluke.
  • Nice kitty currently on Prozac to see if that stops the peeing.  She hasn’t peed yet that we’ve found, but she also is spending all of her time hiding from us– she seems subdued and unhappy.
  • DC2 officially started the new daycare this week!
  • Age 8 seems to have replaced age 7’s sulking with annoying elementary school humor.  We think that’s a good trade.
  • Alligator pear is another name for avocado.  Who knew?  (#2 did.)
  • Am I the only toddler mother in the world who is not interested in talking at length about poo?  [Update:  brief survey of my coworkers suggests the answer is no.]
  • One more bullet though– gotta brag about DC1 finishing Hard Math.  It really was hard!  And sooo awesome!  (Gotta tell the blog, because who else can I tell?)

37 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. delagar Says:

    Holy smoke, that’s a lot of rent. Rent here (for most places) runs $600 to $850. That’s for a three bedroom house. Of course, you gotta live in Arkansas, so.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Wow, that is crazy inexpensive. Around here it’s $600 for an apartment that you don’t have to share. A three bedroom house can go as low as $1K/mo, I think, but for students.

      Most likely we’ll end up paying 3-4K/mo for a 2br (for the four of us and a cat). But if we had 7K/mo that sure would make life easier.

      • delagar Says:

        Ha, yes, wouldn’t it! There are places here that you can rent for a couple thousand a month, up in Bentonville, where the rich Walton money has driven up the rent. But only the rich Walton people live up there.

        If I had $7k to spend on housing/month I could live in Fayetteville and commute. That would be cool.

  2. The frugal ecologist Says:

    Yay for the new daycare for DC2. I hope you are going to the Bay Area – paradise! (Bc I don’t think anywhere else would be worth that much in rent!!)

    I’d like to see that cover letter!!! I am rethinking my strategy as well. I’d be very interested to hear about life in your new city & your job hunt. Hope it’s going well. I am teaching a class at local r1 this semester. Was really hoping to have something else FT by now but this is better than nothing!!

  3. Mrs PoP Says:

    Sunshine cures all… Except skin cancer. =/

  4. Leigh Says:

    I got a Christmas postcard from ANOTHER COUNTRY for the previous owner’s partner. My parents still get ~one piece of mail per year for the previous owners and they’ve been in their house over twenty years.

    Buying a house will be expensive if we ever do that considering how much this two bedroom condo cost…or we’ll move out of the city. I’m not looking forward to that day. Renting one seems worse though, so buying it’ll probably be.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Us too, though an air-mail envelope instead of postcard for one of the three. I think that’s the one of theirs that we usually get.

      • Leigh Says:

        I always return to sender the US stuff, but this one was talking about something that they did recently with the couple and the person didn’t even know their address! I was so surprised. (Yes, I snooped. It’s a postcard! And I thought it was for me at first.)

  5. Angela Says:

    Saw this article today that mentioned assuming a (now) college president was a secretary and borrowing her office supplies – thought you’d be interested! http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2015/01/group-projects-and-the-secretary-effect/384104/

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I have a senior thesis group I’m working with and there’s only one woman. I forced someone else to be the secretary second semester.

      The thing is about these kinds of jobs, it isn’t just that women are making choices, it’s that they are penalized much more than men if they don’t. And they know that they’re going to have to be the one taking notes because that’s what’s expected. When you put women in all female groups (in laboratory experiments)… they are indistinguishable from men. Turns out they can be just as lazy as men if they’re allowed to be.

  6. notofgeneralinterest2 Says:

    Oooh! Do I get the prize? I knew “alligator pear”! There should be a bank of staplers chained to a desk somewhere that students could use. Think of the time it would save. Also, thanks for the reminder about vitamin D.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      The actual admin assistant said they used to have a stapler chained to a desk there but someone broke the chain and took that stapler! In any case, she said it was the student association for the major’s job to keep supplies in there, not hers.

  7. Donna Freedman Says:

    While living in Seattle, going through divorce, returning to college and working several jobs I felt just awful. Chalked it up to stress and fatigue until a friend suggested I get my thyroid checked.
    It turned out to be functioning barely at all, but even after the meds I still felt crummy. The doc checked my Vitamin D level and found it was pretty low. She prescribed intensive Vitamin D (60,000 IUs per week for four weeks, IIRC) to get the level up and then a daily pill of at least 800 IUs.
    That plus the SAD light keeps me going up here in the dark dark north. However, I take the D year-round.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      D for the win! One time I took a medicine that crashed my D levels and I couldn’t figure out why I was so exhausted. Woops. More D (and ending the medicine) fixed it.

    • Linda Says:

      My last doc advised me to take 5,000 units of Vitamin D every day. I’m surprised you can get by on only 800.

      Even though I’m now living in a place that gets a lot more sunshine, I’m still taking the D because now I make sure I have sunscreen on when I’m outside for longer periods of time.

  8. Ana Says:

    Vitamin D! Yes! I’ve been forgetting to take mine recently. Thanks for the reminder!! I’m feeling better already at the mere HOPE of feeling better soon :)
    We still get “summons” notices and other scary looking stuff from the DOJ for one of the former tenants of our house.
    $7K? whoa. Its not cheap here, but more $3K for a 3 BR.
    I have never heard alligator pear.

  9. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I was a little depressed for a couple of days. it was weird.

    $6k/$7k rent is pretty normal for the homes in the nice parts of town here. I wish I could afford it too but not really.

    Happy to hear kiddo is in a new place. Hope it works out!

    Oh so I am super interested in this job and I applied but I really want them to call me because I am REALLY interested. Can I send them a letter in the mail or is that too much? It’s with the University so I KNOW they’re getting lots of applications and I don’t know anyone over there.

  10. chacha1 Says:

    I knew about “alligator pear.” :-)
    Even if I could afford $6K-$7K/mo for rent, I wouldn’t spend that much. That is a city to get out of pronto IMO. (Like L.A.! Can’t wait to get out of here.) I’m all about spending less and downsizing right now. Much as I love our apartment, I feel like we might be better off in a smaller/cheaper place as we wind down our working years. We have so much un-used space.

    Also yes, the job market sucks. Not the number/quality of jobs so much as the actual “market” part of it.

  11. Cloud Says:

    OMG, the elementary school humor thing is driving me crazy. I am so tired of fart jokes and butts. But you’re right, it is better than sulking.

    One caveat on the vitamin D thing- people with autoimmune disorders or allergies/asthma should talk with a doctor about it before self-medicating. There is fairly convincing evidence that it can increase immune function, which is not always a good thing for those folks.

    On the cover letter- perhaps it was easier to read in the less formal form, and therefore the recipient had an easier time perceiving #2’s brilliance? Regardless, hooray on the callback.

    Oh, and I regularly get mail for the previous owner of our house. Who is dead (we bought from his heirs). The worst offender is the military exchange. I even followed their “get me off your mailing list” procedure, to no avail. So I regularly get ads for a store that I literally cannot shop at. And they come encased in plastic wrap. Grrr.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Absolutely talk to a doctor before taking *any* supplement. (In my case, the dentist told me to get my vit D levels checked because of something to do with my gums or something and the doctor did and they measured low, so I’ve been supposed to be taking it by doctors orders.)

  12. anonone Says:

    6K or 7K for rent seems astronomical to me. I recently lived in a 3000 square foot house in a desirable area of northern Virginia, and the mortgage was only 4500. I made a whole lot of money (not a professor) (really, a whole lot, nearly seven figures), and that mortgage stressed me out. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the income level that would be comfortable even considering a 6K or 7K per month rent.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It is astronomical! That’s why we’re going to be living in a 2br apartment, most likely. And not knowing where exactly that apartment is going to be until a couple weeks before we move.

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