Ask the grumpies: graphs for retired folk?

Debbie M asks:

I want to make a cool graph like the one in Your Money or Your Life that shows a) income, b) spending, and c) the amount of income you could get from your investments. The first goal is to get b) lower than a). Then it’s super fun when it is also lower than c). But I’m retired now. Is there a super fun graph for me, too? Or do I have to settle for just income and spending now?

Have you tried Leigh?  She knows everything.  Or you could get on one of those early retirement forums– they probably have things to suggest.

I mean, I guess you could graph a) income + 4% withdrawal from investments against b) spending.  Though that 4% withdrawal rate is kind of difficult to predict.

Doesn’t Larry Kotlikoff have some ridiculous retirement calculator that requires a million and one variables?


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