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Murder is wrong, but that doesn’t mean racism is right.  Wandering scientist discusses.  Even if Ahmed wasn’t Muslim, this sentiment is still correct.  And attacking muslim religious sites is also wrong.  Asif Mandvi reports.  Related:  Scalzi.

One point of disagreement with this article.  The associated press is not a government organization.  They have the right to not promote whatever they feel violates their terms of service.  It’s not censorship.  If racists want their stuff broadcast, they are free to start their own faux news agency… oh wait, they did.

Did you know there was a domestic terror attack on the NAACP this week?  It’s not really being covered, but for the coverage there is, note the differences in framing.  Oh, and hey, another domestic terrorism plot uncovered last year but since it was right-wing it hasn’t really been making headlines either.

An excellent post by NK Jemisin that also applies to *any* kind of conference or volume, not just SF.  Including academic conferences and publications.

8 songs that suck ass.

I’d love to help my wife but I’m trapped under something heavy.  Or, someone should let BU know that that one dood committed fraud.

Advocating for women.  And the bystander problem.

Food for thought (though #2 prefers Virginia Valian’s perspective for herself).  and more food.

Who invented the fake Ayn Rand film review?

Mummy murder mystery.

Mary Carleton, Heroine Bigamist.

Time for the annual where’s my trust fund post.

Word.  At ten past white feelz o’clock.

goddamnit you *@#$#@ are hurting babies and you should @#$@# quit

Private industry after public accounting.

This looks like a pretty cool year.

why do I keep forgetting that this exists

Mutant Superyear in books.

Even when you build it, they don’t come.

We had one of these from a bakery in the city (not from TJ’s).  SO GOOD.

I learned a fascinating new term! As a teacher have you ever told a student to study by explaining the material to their roommate, or dog? I have! It’s called rubber duck debugging.

Baby it’s cold outside with a more satisfying ending.

10 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. The frugal ecologist Says:

    Rubber duck debugging. Cool!

    And now I want a pastry. Mmm.

  2. Katherine Says:

    My husband makes homemade kouign amman sometimes. They’re delicious! Also, I can’t wait to tell my calculus students that rubber duck debugging is a real thing.

  3. Chelsea Says:

    I was going to nominate “Baby it’s cold outside” for songs that should be murdered. How can it possibly be okay bop around and sing, “Hey, what’s in this drink?”

    Also, the measles thing… so scary. I get the impression that not vaccinating might be a problem here in FL as well (at least in my informal survey of 2). Our doctor’s office makes people with infants wait in the lab rather than the well waiting room (because no one knows which of the “well kids” is harboring whooping cough?), and I have a neighbor who had to take a stand with some of her anti-vax friends and not permit the families to spend time together until neighbor’s kid had all her shots. I’m just glad that W. gets his first round of vaccinations on Tuesday.

  4. J Liedl Says:

    These are some awesome links (thanks for linking to me). I love the piece from N.K. Jemisin, whose work I am DETERMINED to read this year (I’ve had a book by her on my ereader for a year now, waiting. Shame!)

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Evvvrybody needs to know it’s Christmas…

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Thank you for the love! XOXO

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