Google Quest

Q:  why children should not be made to do things they dislike

A:  Nice try.  Go load the dishwasher, kid.

Q:  why engineers should marry engineer

A:  They should marry social scientists!

Q:  who is best suited to marry an accountant

A:  Not us!  I guess maybe my MIL?

Q:  how much is appropriate for a wedding gift if you are flying “international” “miss manners”

A:  Spend what you want so long as it is less than or equal to what you can afford.  (You don’t actually have to get a gift…)

Q:  hypothetical example of classroom behavior problem

A:  As a teacher in training, shouldn’t you be doing your own homework?

Q:  is tiaa cref better than vanguard for roths

A:  No

Q:  is $100 a week allowance enough for an adult

A:  Depends on what they have to pay out of that allowance (housing, food, etc.)

Q:  how much money can i borrow for my phd

A:  Don’t do it!!!

Q:  marry best friend or not

A:  Are you both in love with each other?

Q:  potty training isn’t going well, am i scarring my child?

A:  Define “not well.”  If you are literally scarring your child, you should stop.  If there are lots of accidents and it isn’t bothering anybody, your kid is fine.  If you or the kid is stressed out, then step back and try again later.

5 Responses to “Google Quest”

  1. taylorqlee Says:

    I would hate being married to another engineer. Too much tech talk.

  2. becca Says:

    My childhood best friend’s Dad was an accountant. Her Mom was a librarian. It seemed to work pretty well.

    Best one:
    “Q: how much money can i borrow for my phd
    A: Don’t do it!!!”
    Exactly. Although this A. also applies to anything pertaining to phds. ;-)

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    This looks like the marriage edition. I’ve never considered marriage according to profession. There are some strange people with internet access…

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