breaking news: Books are good

You should read Love Is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson.  Just get it.

This book is so good and I stayed up way too late to finish it. Also, if you can get the hardback, do, because the design is quite beautiful.  [Note, however, that the kindle version is $2.99, so even if you don’t love it as much as #1 did, you’re not out that much.]

The book is about high schoolers dealing with race and romance at an expensive prep school in DC.  The protagonist, Emily (or “Bird” to her friends), goes to a party and wakes up in the hospital, unsure what happened.  But there’s a spy chasing her, convinced she knows something important about the pandemic virus that’s sweeping the country.  She doesn’t, but maybe the mysterious drug dealer she’s been flirting with does?  Who can she trust?  Not her parents, not her boyfriend, and probably not the government.


I’m not doing it justice but it’s got all kinds of goodies.  Try it out!

(#2 has not read it… it sounds too suspenseful and #2 is in the regency romance portion of her non-work reading ability right now.  The kind where she reads the last chapter after the first just to make sure it turns out ok.  Even though there’s no way it’s not going to turn out ok because it’s a @#@#ing regency romance.  But #2 can’t really handle surprises right now.)


24 Responses to “breaking news: Books are good”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Sweet! I still have some Amazon gift card money left from Christmas and have a really long flight tomorrow! Now I need to find another book as 352 pages won’t take the whole flight to read…

  2. zenmoo Says:

    I understand the not wanting surprises. That’s when I retreat to my favourite, familiar mystery series (By Andrea Camillieri, Donna Leon, Ngaio Marsh, Sam Eastland…)

    But this is the second good review I’ve heard for Love is the Drug, so I’ll take the advice and purchase.

  3. Rented life Says:

    My hugs to #2. My real life is falling apart right now and so I am also in “no surprises please” land.
    But I will bookmark this book for when things turn around.

  4. Tragic Sandwich Says:

    My mother and I used to read Regency romances by the truckload. Who are the good authors these days?

    Also, I just finished The Girl on the Train. Not an easy read (emotionally), but definitely worth the effort.

  5. Practical Parsimony Says:

    I have never understood people reading the last chapter first. All the reasons I have heard make no sense.

  6. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Who needs books when there’s twitter and faceshitte!?!?

  7. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    I will most likely check it out. I am in need of more fun reads but I don’t feel like dealing with my library and I want to use my Kindle more.
    OK so I have a question that I am afraid to ask because I am ashamed but this is my safe place so here goes– What the heck is a regency romance?

    P.S. Hugs to #2 or pats if that’s more her thing.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It is a romance novel set during regency England. (Or sometimes it’s used more generally for 19th century and a little bit of 18th century England even if that’s not mostly *technically* regency.) The regent in question being the prince regent (“Prinny” in most romance novels, George officially) who would become the George of the Georgian era. A lot of what I read is actually Georgian and occasionally some of it is really Victorian.

  8. Mini Book Reviews (3) | Apple Pie and the Universe Says:

    […] a good start. It’s from the Young Adult genre, which I’m loving recently! Thanks to nicoleandmaggie for recommending it a while […]

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