Google Q&A

Q:  the advantages of having a second job?

A:  Money.  connections.  getting out of the house.

Q:  is wasting milk a sin

A:  I challenge your underlying premise.

Q:  do you need to sleep train

A:  Nope!

Q:  how to get cat oder out of your patio

A:  We’ve had luck with Out! Orange Oxy, but Amazon suggests Zero Odor Pet

Q:  what to do for a child that requires very little sleep

A:  Teach hir to read and provide lots of books.

Q:  difference between petty and frugal

A:  Frugal people are good with money.  Petty people are bad with letting things go.

Q:  how to live like a millionaire on a thousandaire budget

A:  Live like the millionaire next door.

Q: are you supposed to pretend if your a negative person

A:  Yeah.  You probably are.  You don’t have to though if you don’t want to, so long as you’re willing to face the consequences.  It’s not like illegal or anything.

Q:  why do they force us to do things we don’t want to do at school

A:  It is all part of the master plan.

Q:  what do you call lovely names when you call your husband

A:  Lovely names?  Though to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever called lovely names when I call my husband.

11 Responses to “Google Q&A”

  1. Cloud Says:

    They were unclear on what type of milk. Wasting cow’s milk is unfortunate. Wasting expressed breastmilk is… not a sin. But a really, really horrible thing to do!

    • Thisbe Says:

      Someone changed my perspective on wasting things a lot, maybe ten years ago. “Just because you ate it,” she said, “doesn’t mean it wasn’t wasted.” It’s an interesting sideways way into a series of thoughts about what it really means to steward resources wisely.

      (Is wasting expressed breastmilk really that bad, or avoidable? I’m thinking of my childcaregiver days, when my explicit instructions involved discarding expressed breastmilk that had not been consumed under certain circumstances. Or of people’s freezer stashes of expressed breastmilk that they are keeping in case of need, that never get used once the kid weans. Or similar.)

      • Leah Says:

        In my more desperate hours, I read up on reheating breastmilk. But then I realized that it was probably better to feed my kid formula than risk bacteria issues by trying to save breastmilk that she hadn’t finished.

        I did one night cry because I spilled an entire ounce of pumped milk. I worked so hard for that!

        I’m much happier now that I discovered combo feeding. She still gets some breastmilk, and feeding formula at daycare saves my sanity.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        If it hasn’t been frozen and defrosted, breastmilk is pretty bacteria-safe. Usually a sniff-test is good enough. (Not true for frozen/defrosted milk though.)

      • Cloud Says:

        I’m guessing you’ve never expressed breastmilk? I had abundant supply, and I still cried the time my husband accidentally spilled 6 ounces down the sink. That was the sort of waste I was thinking of. I don’t consider the frozen milk I left at day care for emergencies wasted, though. That bought peace of mind.

        Breastmilk = time, which was the most precious resource to me in my early years as a working mother. Still is, really.

      • Thisbe Says:

        You’re right, I never have! I may never, for various reasons. Stories about competent, brilliant women who are clearly devoted parents crying about spilled breastmilk go strongly in the “consider going straight to formula for any future offspring” column. Thanks for sharing so honestly.

      • Thisbe Says:

        And NB: I strictly followed instructions w/r/t what to do with breastmilk expressed by other women for me to feed to their children. I don’t know and don’t care if it might have been equally safe to do it a different way; not my decision in those circumstances. Every household had different procedures, often seeming arbitrary to me; I just did as I was told.

      • Cloud Says:

        I think people should feed their babies however works best for them. If formula is what is right for you, great. Formula wasn’t a good option for the first kid (digestive issues would have sent us to the very expensive kind). It would probably have been fine for the second kid. But I feel I should say: breastfeeding was one of my favorite parts of the baby years, once I got past the tough times at the very start. I am very, very glad I did it, pumping and all, not for any of the “breast is best” reasons, but because it was a wonderful experience on the whole. I cried when my husband spilled the bottle of milk because… I don’t know. It is hard to explain. I cried over a lot of things. Hormones and lack of sleep and the difficulties of adjusting to new motherhood had me a little raw. Using formula wouldn’t have changed any of that. I’m sorry if my offhand comment about not wasting breastmilk makes you think differently about breastfeeding. It was just a joke!

      • Rented life Says:

        In our house there is no stash. Any pumped that’s spilled is lost time and loss of my chance to leave the house alone to do anything longer than 2-3 hours. Given how little I get when I pump, I get upset when any is wasted.

  2. Tawcan Says:

    Frugal people are good with money. Petty people are bad with letting things go – so true. Cant’ agree more.

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