Google loving? (Well, that was the title before this post got bumped from Valentines day)

Q:  if i have medical and own a home can it be taken away

A:  If you don’t pay your mortgage, it is possible.  But talk to a lawyer and make sure you know the laws in your specific state.

Q:  i have a mortgage.and my electricty got.turned off will i loae my home

A:  Probably not, but make sure your home is not condemned.  Again, talk to a lawyer and make sure you know the laws in your specific state and your specific town.

Q:  what do you call a romantic person

A:  Mine.

Q:  should we deliberatelychoosing the most difficult road

A:  Depends in your personality type and what the benefits are for that difficult road (as in, are you getting anything out of the extra difficulty or is it just making things worse).

Q:  what most people miss about high school or wish they could go back and change

A:  These days, there’s almost nothing I miss.  Just a few things I would change but nothing major.  In general, it was intense and wonderful and horrible and difficult and life-changing and I am so, so ready to let it go.  There is a lot I do NOT miss!

Q:  mnemonic device music for dressage freestyle

A:  you mean like “All fat bay mares can hardly ever kick”?  Or you mean like memorizing the tests themselves?  Good luck with that, I wish I was better at it.  Did you mean memorizing what order your movements are in and timing them with the music?  You just have to practice, I’m pretty sure.  Any (human) dancers out there want to share tips for memorizing dance routines and how you do it?

Q:  if you dont pay upkeep to gardens can they take your house off you

A:  Depends on your state laws and your HOA.  In Texas, HOA have all sorts of crazy powers (according to an NPR thing a few years back), but it isn’t clear how much power they have in other states.  They can still take you through the courts most places.  Again, talk to a lawyer.

Q:  if i own a form that is fully paid for can the government take it for bankruptcy

A:  The government doesn’t take houses for bankruptcy, the bank does.  You may be thinking of eminent domain.

Q:  if someone pays off your mortage can they take your house

A:  wait, what?  Is “someone” the mortgage holder or is it someone else?  Like, if your parents pay off your mortgage for you, the title of the house goes to whoever it says on the paperwork (which is likely you, right?  What does your mortgage paperwork say?).

Q:  best marriage match for civil engineer

A:  Um… Not us?


6 Responses to “Google loving? (Well, that was the title before this post got bumped from Valentines day)”

  1. SP Says:

    Missing high school!? Nope. I had a relatively good HS experience, but life just gets a lot better from there.

    Someone is apparently very worried that their house may be taken from them, and your blog has the answer!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Our blog stands ready with all the answers.

    • Leah Says:

      The things I do miss from high school:
      – having more time on my hands for service (because I was old enough to be useful and do lots of stuff but had comparatively little life responsibility)
      – getting to learn a lot (something I can still do today but don’t make as much time for this)

  2. xykademiqz Says:

    I don’t miss anything about HS. Life was way better in college, when I finally had my peeps, and kept getting better afterwards. HS was okay, I was busy with school and sports. However, I would go back to my HS self and tell myself that I am gorgeous (definitely didn’t feel that way, but in retrospect I looked very very good). There is a boy or two that I would perhaps skip making out with. There is a dye-job or two that I could have done without. There is a foreign language or two I wish I had worked harder at. But overall, it was all good and necessary.

  3. Thisbe Says:

    I was going to try to give some advice about how I memorize music, which is probably not that different from memorizing anything else kinesthetic, but I got totally stymied by just not having any vocabulary for my cognitive process. It’s a bummer, because it feels related to how I can remember (for instance) where on a page in a textbook or class notes some piece of information is recorded. I don’t believe for a second that this is some kind of Special Property of Me – but where did I learn how to do this? who taught me? what am I even doing?

    I have basically nothing to say about high school. I think it was fun? Then I was restless, and left. I don’t have any particularly good or bad feelings about that time; I don’t really miss anything, and I don’t have any real regrets.

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