All eyes are Googly

Q:  choosing between phd in accounting vs phd in finance

A:  They’re both pretty lucrative.  Finance is more interesting in our humble opinions.

Q:  word for someone who wants to be miserable

A:  curmudgeon?

Q:  how to tell someone they spent too much money

A:  “You spend too much money.”  Though it probably won’t go over well and it may not be any of your business.  (Is it?)  If it’s a loved one whose money choices directly affect you (and not because you’re worried about the inheritance you don’t deserve), then, “We need to talk… I feel…”

Q:  how to write an in memorium

A:  Be truthful, authentic, and kind.  Proofread.  Keep it short.

Q:  what do you like least about babysitting

A:  the part with children.

Q:  2 year old bad sleeper gifted?

A:  maybe, maybe not.  Maybe you are defining “bad sleeper” by what culture expects rather than by what your kid needs.

Q:  only the smart can survive accountancy course?

A:  I doubt it, though it depends on what you mean by “smart”.  Motivation, determination, good study skills, appropriate background: these things play roles!

Q:  can someone with phd in economics teach accounting

A:  this one can’t.

Q:  can mechanical engineer get married to a doctor

A:  yes.  (Assuming this marriage otherwise follows local legalities.)

Q:  tired and grumpy 3 year old?

A:  yes.


6 Responses to “All eyes are Googly”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I know several GP/engineer combos, including my primary care physician. Like other careers, if one becomes a high flyer, the other needs flexibility with the hours and I’ve seen it go both ways. Primary care physicians generally have more flexibility than specialists and/or heads of staff. So, my GP has the more sane job and the husband travels. In reverse, I also have friends where one is head of anesthesiology And her engineer husband quit his corp job and now builds custom bikes for a living. Both cases have kids in the mix.

    A 3rd case, a work colleague chose a job next to a bigger city so his wife had more options. They are both doing well. Even though she runs the dept she works in, he still claims she has a lot of flexibility with her schedule. The funny thing is, I don’t know any female engineer/male doctor combos. All have been happily married for many years.

    I think it’s a fairly common occurrence as the two majors have undergrad classes that overlap, so there are a lot of college sweetheart couples that end up getting married. It’s also nice cuz engineers get paid pretty well right off the bat, so it makes getting through med school a little easier but many of those jobs cap out salary-wise pretty quickly. …then the doctor usually ends up making more in the end. Although, It is pretty hard to have both kids and sanity before you are in your 30s
    with this combo.

  2. Fiona McQuarrie (@all_about_work) Says:

    PhDs in finance and PhDs in accounting are both potentially very lucrative, but for academic jobs PhDs in accounting may be even more so, because relatively few accountants do PhDs.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      See, we figure there are more finance phds because finance is way more interesting. You don’t want to get a phd and a life-long job in something boring if you’re capable of doing it in something interesting and still living a decent lifestyle.

  3. Debbie M Says:

    “Be truthful, authentic, and kind.” – Sometimes that’s not so easy. Fortunately, “Keep it short” helps!

    At awards ceremonies (especially for longevity awards) and going-away parties, people are often kind to the exclusion of truthfulness. I prefer the ones who, when they couldn’t think of anything good about the work people had done, talked about their interesting outside interests instead.

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