It’s time to love the links

Apologies for not a lot of links this week.  One of us has been on a deadline for an overdue writing thing and the other is traveling.

Notes from my writing:  Hey PubMed, you’re awesome and all, but your “export citation” function is kinda broken.  Save me, ScienceDirect!  Also, young lovers over here whispering in the library: assholes, leave the quiet area. You would be less disruptive if you actually talked.  YOU KNOW I CAN HEAR YOU, RIGHT? Just go make out in private like the rest of us did.

How can you tell whether you’re being objectified or whether you’re an empowered woman?  This handy cartoon explanation is a start.  NPR doesn’t get it.  On Twitter, exhaustion with sniping.

Georgia Dunn, the artist who draws Breaking Cat News, had a baby!  Childcare conundrums. Babies better than tattoos?  One of us prefers babies, the other of us prefers tattoos.

Financial relief over at What Now.  Stiffer rules to protect retirement money.  (heheheh they said “stiffer”)  Republicans want handouts for millionaires, what a surprise.

Trying to convince skeptical parents to have their kids vaccinated…


Tough choices: mathematician just loves hitting people.


and now, this:

One Response to “It’s time to love the links”

  1. Matt Healy Says:

    Since I do infectious disease research, you can probably guess what I think of the anti-vaccination crowd.

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