Google questions for a very busy Friday

Q:  how can a civil engineer wife help with regarding the partner’s career?

A:  let’s back up to “why” before “how,” ok?

Q:  being a teacher what should she behave or follow

A:  probably not this:

Teachers' Contract 1923

Q:  what would authoritarian parent do if their child asked them if they can sleep over a friends house

A:  once again, do your own homework

Q:  who is accounting professor?

A:  Not us…

Q:  why are professors so grumpy

A:  Systematic undermining of our livelihood

Q:  what does it mean when someone challenges you to a brewsters millions

A:  we have No Idea.  Sorry.  That’s not true… we have a post on it, but it’s seriously unlikely that anybody is going to tell you that you get a ginormous amount of money if you’re able to spend a big amount of money in a short amount of time.  Most likely it’s a scam.

Q:  should adult kids always come first?

A:  it’s polite to help your partner out first.  Better to give than to receive and all that.

Q:  what do university lecturers do in the summer

A:  Teach summer classes.  Sleep.  Struggle to pay the bills.  Research.  Write all those papers.

Q:  why do narcissists love misery

A:  For the attention?  I dunno.

Q:  what is the average salary of a cpa with a doctorate

A:  You’re looking for this page , or else the side-bar on this one (Hint:  Pretty high)

3 Responses to “Google questions for a very busy Friday”

  1. chacha1 Says:

    “should adult kids always come first”

    … WTF??

    This Grumpy says, YOU come first. Then your life partner. Then whoever else you have time/money/emotional bandwidth to spare for. Good grief.

  2. bogart Says:

    Gosh — I am wondering: was loitering in uptown ice cream stores permitted? Perhaps running into a downtown ice cream store for a quick cone, provided one did not linger?

    • Contingent Cassandra Says:

      Good question. I’m wondering whether teachers did all their courting in the summer months, since otherwise it looks like it would have been difficult for them to get to know a man well enough to marry him (of course, maybe that was the point).

      I’m also envisioning scrubbing the floor with soap and hot water while wearing a no-more-than-two-inches-above-ankle-length skirt and at least 2 petticoats. Sounds messy.

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