Friday I’m in Google

Q:  reading site that recommends books compared to others read but not amazon

A:  We like librarything.  (Some people do goodreads)

Q:  do engineers make good husbands

A:  Yes.

Q:  why do humans need comfort

A:  Evolution + humans are social creatures?

Q:  is gifted child a real thing

A:  Yes. A real person even.

Q: write a descriptive essay on a weeding which you attend rescently

A: This is a new one. Usually these little plagiarists are looking for a wedding (and I wonder how many teachers/professors know about my horrible not-really-Catholic uncle now). A weeding is *far* more interesting. Still, kids, do your own homework. Imagine weeding.

Q:  were did our parents live

A: Europe. California. The South. The Midwest.

Q:  answers for a mother’s helper job interview?

A:  Dude, just be honest.  Or find another line of work.  Don’t plagiarize interview answers!

Q:  what is meant by education these days

A:  Um… or maybe

Q:  what do adults miss most about high school

A:  Nothing?

Q:  do engineering faculty teach during the summer

A:  Depends on the university, school, department, and professor.

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One Response to “Friday I’m in Google”

  1. Revanche Says:

    High school? Chicken sandwiches for a dollar. Also the build your own baked potato bar for a dollar fifty.

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