link love

Academic Cog is totally justified in being pissed.  SRSLY.  What a dick move.

More on this topic next week, probably Tuesday.  (If you want a preview, I left like 8 mildly ranty comments on this wandering scientist post)

I love the meme here.  New study demonstrates shocking truth about faculty hiring.  Also, best practices.  (The articles they cite are SOLID.)

Use in extreme emergencies (such as realizing you left all your red pens and pencils at home and the supply closet is out)

<3 Stephen Colbert

So many books to read

WTF minister? If he’s gonna be like that, he should convert to Catholicism. That’s what the Catholics want. He wouldn’t even have to get a divorce, he could be a married catholic priest. The Catholic church is totally down with that, “Hey Episcopalians, bring us your intolerant, your bigots, we will welcome them with open arms, so long as they’re you know, straight and male.”

The monster at the end of this book, a Sad Puppy Review.

7 days left to fund the Octavia Project.

Howard U alumni clear debt.

We miss breaking cat news , but there’s been a whole lotta cuteness on her twitter feed while we wait.

miser mom talks allowances

Ahh, chlamydia + no sex ed…

empathy cards for serious illness (as seen/heard all over the mediasphere this week)

Marvel gets women

Middle class problems



3 Responses to “link love”

  1. J Liedl Says:

    Geez, yes, that is srsly arse-level behaviour that Academic Cog experienced. Sheesh!

    And that topic in the second link? Oh, yeah. That’s pretty maddening, too. Bah.

  2. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Wow that first one! Yikes!

    I saw that HONY post too. I have conflicting thoughts.

    Colbert is wonderful and I appreciate it.

    All three of those books in the diversified post sound amazing.

    That’s an interesting approach from Howard University.

    That book review was brilliant.

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Oh, also the empathy cards are amazing. I love them and want a box. And also I died with the Black Widow movie

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