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The depressing thing is that this, while terrible and unfair, is nothing compared to other racist stuff the police do.  Like this was what I used to think the worst stuff the police did was and it bothered me, but not to quite the extent that, you know, the beating and killing and harassment does.

racist principal

hiring bias

50 year old mystery about measles solved (maybe)

excellent article that is far better than the stupid article that inspired it

This was spot on– they matched the worst hell on that list with my type.  Of course the ESTJ is pretty terrifying too and that’s not me.

The shu box discusses minimalist thoughts, not being a minimalist, and related things.

I’m a classic.  #2 is Radical Red.

Thrift shopping in less than 37 steps.

Fantastic piece about NYC.

grump grump grump

worry work and the possibility of change

deez nuts

poor seal

should you read middle grade books?

the explanations here are hilarious

3 Responses to “link love”

  1. OMDG Says:

    Well, which personality type are you?

  2. Leigh Says:

    ENTJ and ESTJ are all terrible. ISTJ is a bit scary too. And ISFP.

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