Google questions (because more people liked them than disliked them!)

Q:  why is peeing draining the weasel

A:  Because the word “weasel” is funnier than ferret.  Other than that you should picture it in your mind.

Q:  how to write a reply to a comment

A:  using a keyboard, or some other device such as speech-to-text (Dragon software, etc.).

Q:  what enrichment activities are best for kids

A:  best in what way?  Swimming could save a life.  Piano and violin are supposed to help grow brains.  Some things can teach teamwork or self-confidence or persistence.  Others can teach valuable skills or help make networking connections.  Some are just fun.

Q:  is cash a good gift for a coworker

A:  paypal to grumpyrumblings at gmail dot com

Q:  why can’t i get a c in grad school and pass

A:  that might technically be passing, but only sort of.  Check with your program and your advisor.  In my program that would have been equivalent to failing, because grad school was held to a much higher standard than undergrad.

Q:  how to keep chickens from wasting feed

A:  give them less at a time?  We don’t know much about keeping chickens.  Can any readers chime in here?

Q:  things i’m paranoid about

A:  who is writing blog questions in my name?

Q:  why doesn’t my balance in your checkbook doesn’t match up

A:  because my account is not the same as yours

Q:  why doesnt my significant other intriduce me to people

A:  Have you asked?

Q:  is there a movement going on snce the recession to downsize your lifestyle

A:  Sure.  Minimalism is now hip with the mommy bloggers.

8 Responses to “Google questions (because more people liked them than disliked them!)”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    On chickens. How did Google even make it to your blog? Odd.

    We don’t feed them again until they have picked up all the little bits of food they spilled on the ground….and they will pick up every last crumb if there is no food in their feeder. If you don’t feel like completely emptying your feeder you can just take it out of their coop until they pick up the scraps off the ground.

    • Linda Says:

      Also, use a different feeder. Like people, chickens will often try to sift through their food for the bits they like the best and push stuff they don’t like as much off to the side. It’s called “billing out” by many chicken keepers, and seems to be a bigger problem with mash-type feed (that has some bits ground up and supplements added in a powdery form) than pellets or whole grains. If the feeder has a wide trough area, the chickens can sift through it looking for the highly prized grains (they usually love corn, but too much makes them fat) and spilling the rest on the ground around the feeder. There are feeders that have little dividers in the trough area that make it more difficult for them to bill out the feed.

      I used to use a feeder with a wide-type trough in the winter — when I wanted my hens to be able to eat a lot to keep their metabolisms up — and one with the dividers was used in spring/summer/early fall to force them to slow down a bit in stuffing their faces. Before I made that switch, I found that hens were getting fat in the spring and summer when they had access to lots of food (with regular feed and foraging in the yard). It’s bad for a hen to get fat because she’ll have more problems laying and they can die from complications. One of my hens died unexpectedly one day and when we necropsied her we found major internal bleeding, an incredibly enlarged liver, and lots of body fat. After that, I switched feeders.

      Well, I bet that was a lot about chicken stuff you never thought you’d learn!

  2. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Considering that kids are always learning, isn’t everything pretty much an enrichment activity? Except for obvious not good things…

    • Debbie M Says:

      Here are my extra answers to that:
      * whatever best matches their goals
      * whatever they most want to do
      * whatever their friends are doing
      * whatever has the best leader/coach/instructor

      And then there’s also:
      * whatever’s most convenient
      * whatever’s cheapest
      * whatever doesn’t drive you nutso

      I like your answers best, though. At least no one has answered: whatever you wished you could do as a kid but weren’t allowed to (perhaps because your parents made you do whatever they wished they could do as kids).

  3. Rented life Says:

    I was going to answer the chicken question too! Looks like your readers know about chickens :)

    My checkbook balance doesn’t match up because every so often I list the cell phone bill twice. I have no idea why–it’s almost always that one. I catch it but I don’t know how it happens inter first place other than I’m tired.

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