link love in our ongoing series

… our ongoing series of F*ck the police.

U.S. police as an extension of slavery and white supremacy.  The police love racist dudes who shoot unarmed black teens.  The police ALSO hate Hispanic people as well as black people (warning: violence).  F*ck the police right in the irony.

I don’t know that the first part of the article is correct (there are dangers to confronting the advisor), but the rest of the advice is SPOT ON.  (Men: Don’t do this.)

How to be a better secretary even though that’s not your job title.

Depressingly few books on sale at Powell’s 20% off we need diverse books YA sale.  (Not an affiliate link.)

An old post, but NK Jemisin discusses her science fiction she shouldn’t be shelved in the African American section.

hiring managers, throw away your codpieces!!!

What could possibly go wrong?

Wisconsin used to be such a great state.  WTH is going on there?

This just in:  Media reports comments taken out of context in the media.

The posthumous Terry Pratchett will be a Tiffany Aching.  (not orderable yet!)

Leigh doesn’t want kids or early retirement, but saves anyway!

Nzmuse with another great post in her “loving your work” series.

This was me earlier this week.

I will buy this book when it comes out (also not orderable yet.)  BCN back on the air 6/15!

Jon Stewart notes how quickly the media devolved into misogyny with Caitlyn Jenner.

my daycare mommy used to make pice bach

stack exchange, not just for programming questions

the last panel is something I would say


One space or two?

11 Responses to “link love in our ongoing series”

  1. independentclause Says:

    1. F*ck the police.
    2. APA says two spaces at the end of a sentence, which I think is bullshit. Everyone else is holding steadfast to one.

  2. monsterzero Says:

    Two spaces FTW!

    Police departments seem to have been doing much of their hiring from the “droogs from Clockwork Orange” pool. Maybe they could stop doing that?

  3. Omdg Says:

    I can relate to Leigh, not in her specific wants, but in her annoyance in the expectation that she will eventually want what everybody wants. The nice thing is, if she changes her mind about any of it, she’ll have the money to pay for it.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      As one of us has decided to never have children… yeah. But money buys freedom!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Leigh also talked about not wanting to early retire, not wanting to travel extensively, not wanting to buy a house, and basically not wanting to do all the things the PF sphere has been getting on people’s backs about recently. So not just having children! (And yet she still saves, and yes, if she changes her mind on any of those, she’ll have the money for it, in addition to whatever things she’s not even thinking about right now.)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I might like to own a house, were I in a different part of the country. In Paradise the only reason to own is so they don’t keep raising the rents up and up and up. I want to travel some but I also want to stay home a lot. I am semi-retired at the moment and I love it! :)

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