• It’s sad how many people are trying to plagiarize “My cousin’s wedding” at the end of the semester.  Here’s a recent variation on the prompt, “you recently went to your aunt’s wedding, but your cousin wasn’t able to go write an e-mail to your cousin.”  I wonder how many professors and high school teachers have read all about my evil uncle and his evil wife at this point.
  • If you have to return something after wearing it for a special occasion then you shouldn’t have bought and worn it to begin with.  No matter how special the occasion you wore it for.  Leaving the tags on doesn’t make it ok.  You sweated in that and pretended it wasn’t worn.  Rental places do rent this kind of stuff, not just tuxes.  It’s called wardrobing and it costs the economy real dollars.
  • If your cats have scratched up your leather furniture, you might be able to hide the damage with shoe polish.  In related news, DH is a genius.
  • Confidential to my cousins: you know people can’t actually “graduate” from Pre-K right?  Unless the diploma mills have gotten worse than I thought.  Stop the stupidity!
  • I have very bad intuition about most things.
  • I can’t believe I just this past month or so learned about vlogbrothers.  As I’ve been watching them (gone through 2015-2010 at this point), I’ve noted how many chances I had to discover them… Lizzie Bennet diaries, The brain scoop (which I came across when Emily Graslie talked about the gendered nature of comments about her videos), books by John Green (which I have not read, but have read reviews for), and so on.  I’m so addicted.  I think I have more in common with Hank in terms of interests and pragmatism, but I’ve got that being old thing going with John and somewhat prefer his sense of humor and insights (perhaps, she thinks in John Green’s voiceover voice, it is precisely because we have less in common, and it is our differences that bring new insights and interest … obligatory reference to complexity).  I notice I’ve started doing my own deep and meaningful “thoughts from places” style monologues as I go from place to place (as soon as I notice, I’m all stop that!).(How did I find them?  Delagar has a link to hank’s tumblr on her blogroll and that batman video hooked me.) (#2’s sister loves these guys, did I not tell you?  Did you not see my t-shirt?) (No, I did not see your t-shirt.  Yes, you told me about your sister after I mentioned I’d discovered them.)
  • DH wore the “Batman’s just a rich guy with an affinity for bats” shirt for the first time and the mother of one of DC2’s friend’s commented on it at daycare pick-up.  Her husband is also an addict.

19 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    I knew people who did number 2 in college. Super gross! If you want to wear something new for a night, borrow something from a friend!

  2. sciliz Says:

    Hey! Don’t get me started on class markers and fancy clothes and slave child labor in the garment industry….

    Preschool graduation is A) representation of more biological development than most 10 year PhDs and B) adorable. They are boring, but graduations all are.

    In contrast, your opinions on Vlogbrothers are correct. I am team “kinda hate Batman”. Small children singing “John we are all Bat people” is also adorable.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      But the biological development would have happened whether they went to that school or not! It could have happened in a daycare or home setting. Going to preschool doesn’t get you any kind of diploma.

      • sciliz Says:

        True, but I’ve always been of the “they can give you a diploma, but not a brain” school of thought… maybe I’m just comparatively underwhelmed with big people graduations.

  3. Leah Says:

    People do all sorts of shifty, unethical things with returns. Still makes me mad that REI had to alter their return policy because people would try to return and recoup money from obviously well-worn and used items. Blegh.

    I love the vlog brothers! And John Green’s books are pretty good. I’ve read Fault in Our Stars, and my students assure me the other books are great too. They have some crash course videos that some of my students really dig.

  4. middle_class Says:

    I don’t mind celebrating the transition from pre-k to another school, but it’s not a graduation!

  5. Ana Says:

    haha, then I’ll stop feeling bad that I won’t be at my son’s prek “graduation”. though it actually IS a milestone, going from the daycare he’s been at for 5 full years to KG.
    returning used clothes is gross gross gross, unless there is a defect and the policy allows it. There are indeed companies that rent fancy-wear (rent the runway, for one) for reasonable prices. Or borrow something from a friend. blech.

  6. What Now? Says:

    I don’t actually like John Green’s novels (well, I’ve never finished one, but I’ve bailed on more than one), but I love vlogbrothers.

    • sophylou Says:

      I liked Looking for Alaska, which I read pretty early on, and then waited eagerly for his other books. Which all kinda turned out to be… Looking for Alaska, with some plot differences. Main characters all felt the same, some variations in side characters. I was optimistic about Fault in Our Stars, but just wasn’t feeling it — the Dutch author stuff was just too over the top for me.

  7. Susan Says:

    how do you find the plagiarizers?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      WordPress statistics gives a list of google search queries that people have used to get to our blog. Some of them are pretty obviously class assignments. (In fact, if you google my cousin’s wedding you can find an example of the writing assignment!)

      • chacha1 Says:

        I have found examples of the writing assignments for the paralegal course I’m taking, when I google a how-to or research question. It’s amazing.

  8. Cloud Says:

    I’m afraid I love our day care “graduation” and am looking forward to going to Petunia’s and crying my eyes out. She calls it “congradulations” and they learn a secret song to sing for us and then the teachers show a slide show of the kids from babyhood to now (this is when I cry). They do wear felt caps that the teacher made, but the rest is some outfit that matches the super secret song (also made by the teacher- either decorated t-shirts or something she knits, because she loves to knit).

    I think of this more as a transition ceremony than anything else, but I guess that’s what all graduations really are. I like transition ceremonies. They help us navigate big changes. Like your baby being almost ready for kindergarten!

    But no, I’m not going to be bragging to anyone about my kid’s achievement in graduating preschool! I’ll save the bragging for her bigger sister, who got an award today for “Best Use of Spanish,” which makes me particularly proud since she gets exactly zero reinforcement of Spanish at home (neither of us speak it). Sadly, I missed the awards ceremony due to a work meeting that I couldn’t skip out on, because the other person who could have run the meeting was off at her kid’s 8th grade graduation.

  9. Edie W Says:

    Obviously people shouldn’t plagiarize, but I do feel like “write about a wedding” maybe isn’t a great assignment for high school or early college age people. I think I had only been to two weddings before I graduated from high school, and those were both as a young child.

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