Googled questions answered

Q:  how do you explain differentiation to gifted kids so that they do not brag

A:  why not let them brag?  they will either get beaten up for it and stop, or else it’ll be ok.  It’s GOOD to be smart.  Being smart is super-cool but trying hard is even cooler.  #2 disagrees with beating up being a good outcome.  Um, back in the day I believed that everybody is good at different things, though I have since learned that’s not true– some people are good at a lot of stuff and some people aren’t good at much of anything.  But I believed that.  I guess I wouldn’t try to find an explanation that would keep them from bragging, but I would address the importance of not being a jerk to people who don’t need the additional work to keep them challenged.  All people have value and it’s super douchey to make fun of people who are at a lower level for whatever reason they’re at a lower level.  Everybody should work hard in order to grow.  And not everybody has had the advantages that kids in the upper groups with differentiation has had, even some gifted kids.

Q:  when do lecturers at college go back to work after summer

A:  “back”?

Q:  how do others feel about making more money than there parents?

A:  I feel pretty good, personally.  I think DH does too.

Q:  if i dont do sleep training when will my baby sleep through

A:  sleep training is generally irrelevant to the sleep through question– it happens or doesn’t happen with or without sleep training, and if it doesn’t happen that’s not necessarily a bad thing– sleeping through is a relatively modern invention facilitated by electric lighting

Q:  can the county take my home

A:  Check your county’s eminent domain laws

Q:  should children be made to do things they dislike because it is good for their character

A:  probably not if that’s the only reason to do it.  There are plenty of worthwhile things to make children do that have the side benefit of buffing up their character.

Q:  are vertical blinds out of style

A:  Were they ever really in style?

Q:  consequences of wasting money

A:  you have less money, but not more worth-it

Q:  one word for people who like being miserable

A:  curmudgeon?  maybe?


11 Responses to “Googled questions answered”

  1. jane Says:

    Re liking being miserable:
    curmudgeon defines as a nasty ill-tempered usually but not exclusively old man.
    masochist would come closer in it’s non-sexual definition as pleasure in being abused or a taste for suffering.

  2. chacha1 Says:

    not imminent :-)
    re: gifted kids and bragging … do they?? I was quiet as a mouse because I knew “gifted” put a target on my back.

  3. CG Says:

    I always like it when the subject of vertical blinds comes up.

    • First Gen American Says:

      hmm..only the rick people in my world had vertica or horizontall blinds growing up. The rest of us had those plastic shades.

  4. Omdg Says:

    It’s not that the gifted kids brag, it’s just that they seem different to the other kids, thus: target. I remember being mocked because I used a three syllable word one time. “You think you’re so smart,” I think it was, “why can’t you talk normal.” I would have been mocked if I’d tried to “dumb down” my language as well.

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