Current webcomics

#1 doesn’t read as many as she used to.  Now she’s down to:



girls with slingshots (this just ended)

questionable content

gunnerkrigg court (the current storyline is KILLING me though– poor poor Annie)



And that’s it.  Oh, sometimes unshelved.

#2 reads…

I got the book omnibus of Digger by Ursula Vernon and it’s so wonderful!

I also just got the book of Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, and I love, love, LOVE it.  It’s easier for me to read narrative story arcs (like Gunnerkrigg Court) in book form.

breakingcatnews, sheldoncomics and penny-arcade

Do you have any suggestions for us?


9 Responses to “Current webcomics”

  1. monsterzero Says:

    I also read SP, GWS, QC, Gunnerkrigg (I want to believe that’s not really Annie’s father), and xkcd. I am doggedly still reading Girl Genius hoping that it will go somewhere. I mean, they do go to various locations, but I want to find out what happens/happened to Mechanicsburg and it’s been *years*. I highly recommend Dumbing of Age and Robot Hugs. And Subnormality when he posts. I would also highly recommend Leftover Soup (compelling characters! board game design! silly banter! murder mystery!) but Content Note for a mild(???) sexual assault joke in the *very first* comic (d’oh). And Transdimensional Brain Chip just finished. It has terrible artwork and a ridiculous premise but it might not be too far off from what The Singularity might look like if there were a Singularity. I liked it.

  2. delagar Says:

    OOO yes I do.

    (1) Stereophonics. Set in the 60s in England. Artists and working class. Some gay characters.

    (2) Terminal Lance, which I think you linked here once? I <3 TL :

    (3) Basic Instructions. BI cracks me up:

    (4) This one is sort of thinky, and I don't always like it: Existential Comics:

  3. tidal pull Says:

    I highly recommend

    Beautifully done and set in Jazz-age San Francisco!

  4. Sapience Says:

    Two that haven’t been mentioned yet:
    Sinfest: (the early ones are the best, but I still love the current run)
    Max Overacts:

    I used to read Sheldon Comics (and the sci-fi series that the author did) but the last year or so the comics have not been that entertaining to me, so I recently stopped following. Technically I still follow Devil’s Panties ( but I don’t like it as much as I used to. I still love XKCD and QC.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      wow, i haven’t read sinfest or the devil’s panties in ages… I wonder why I stopped… probably because they were on a blogroll of a comic that no longer updates so I just didn’t click on them anymore

      Sheldon has gone kind of downhill ever since he started working on that documentary. Even though it’s over it hasn’t really picked up speed again.

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