Google up the jam

Q:  how do i express in one word a child who is grumpy and pouts

A:  human

Q:  how can i cancel my husbands equifax subcription

A:  Why can’t he cancel it?

Q:  if majority of mortgage is paid can you still foreclose

A:  Probably, though there are some situations that would make the mortgage company more or less likely to foreclose in this situation.  Talk with an attorney.

Q:  why do some people need to create drama

A:  Boredom?  Sociopathy?  Who knows.

Q:  how to know when a relationship is going south

A:  Say for example, you’re living in Boston and then you and your sig other decide to move to Florida.  *rim shot*

Q:  how much do periods of unemployment hurt a job search

A:  This has a long and complicated answer, and we don’t know 100% for sure yet.  The short answer is that being just unemployed helps, but longer periods of unemployment may or may not hurt, depending on which top journal article you’re reading.

Q: why do people tell others how to spend their money

A:  Usually because they want to make money off people.  Sometimes because they project their own life experiences on others.

Q:  will i ever know if i want a second child

A:  Sometime between now and death that decision will have been made.

Q:  why a grown man uses word pee pee

A:  Because the grown man has a two year old potty trainer?

Q:  what do new zealand children call their grandmothers

A:  You’ve got the wrong blog.  Try asking wandering scientist.



7 Responses to “Google up the jam”

  1. monsterzero Says:

    The internet says it’s “Nana”.

    I’m looking for a new job while still employed, but I’m starting to wonder if it’d be easier to quit my current job first. I may have missed out on a couple opportunities because of my “need to give two weeks’ notice” condition.

    • Rented life Says:

      Why not just take the opportunities and give only as much notice as you can? Sure places day two weeks but plenty of people don’t do that.

  2. bogart Says:

    In my family, the answer to the first question is, “bolshie.” For the “second child” question, the questioner may find it helpful to review the concept of ambivalence — it is possible both to want something and to want not to have that same thing, at the same. This point seems to elude many. It is also OK to do so (even common), though that does not necessarily simplify decision making.

  3. ivy Says:

    Q: what do new zealand children call their grandmothers?

    mine were Nana and Grandma. My mum is now Nana, my sister-in-law’s mum is grandma.
    Maori for grandmother is kuia though

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:


  5. Cloud Says:

    I appreciate the referral, but my in laws asked to be called something specific that is not at all related to their status as New Zealanders, so I have no idea! I’ll have to ask my husband and see what he says “normal” is.

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